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Apr. 22, 2012 7:54 pm
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Speedy Profit Creator 2.0, a product of Omar Martin is a combination of training on how to build a profitable online business as well as training and software on how to create digital products, particularly digital books.

What follows is an extensive review of the entire Speedy Profit Creator system based upon me reading every word, watching every video, and using the product creation software.

At the end, I will also summarize the recommendations I've made so if that's all you want you can jump to there but if you want to know why I like something or why I don't then you'll need to read the detail.

You'll also see a link to get my bonuses if you decide Speedy Profit Creator is for you.

Before I start though I want to be fully transparent and upfront.

I've known Omar for a while now, about 2 years, and have become very friendly with him; I've also learned a lot from him during that time and he might have even learned a thing or two from me :-)

In addition, also created a very (VERY) small part of the Speedy Profit Creator system, barely enough to mention, but I felt I should mention it to be open and honest.

Speedy Profit Creator's purpose is, as you might have realized from its name, to get an online business going and making profits quickly.

While it focuses on quick profits, it isn't a "get rich quick" type of product, it's for people looking to build a real, long term business but to have that business get profits quickly.

Speedy Profit Creator is organized in sections inside the member's area and I will be reviewing each section one by one, giving recommendations as I go along.

Okay, let me tell what Speedy Profit Creator is and what it is not. What I like and what I do...

Jump Start

The Jump Start section covers the first 2 steps of the creating an online business: (1) researching and selecting a profitable niche and (2) creating a lead magnet.

The paragraphs in the report are a bit dense and long and it could have used another round of editing but the information is good.

I believe the problem is the report is a not that good transcription of the video course, but again the information is worth it.

In the video, the first thing is researching and selecting a profitable niche.

When explaining the importance, Omar sums it up nicely with this quote: "If you screw this part up and you don't truly understand the needs of your customer then you have a snowballs chance in hell of actually meeting those needs or even attracting the right customers. You'll end up not making sales and wondering where you went wrong."

That is so true.

Omar does an interesting thing in that he explains this in the context of Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

He then goes through doing niche research from step one, using Google's keyword tool along with other resources.

Along with a nicely detailed discussion there are strategically placed screen shots so you get a visual on key points he discusses.

After picking a niche, Omar shows how to quickly and easily create a professional report to use as a lead magnet; he uses PLR and the Speedy Profit Creator software.

He shows some good, free resources to get and create graphic images and icons, including one I've added to my personal list of resources.

He even shows how to easily create a header image using the free program Gimp.

By the end of the Jump Start, if you've been following along, you should have a niche picked out and a lead magnet created.

Only one of the 3 videos are available for immediate download but you can easily get the other 2 videos by making a Tweet, posting to Facebook, or putting a link in one of various places.

My recommendation is to watch the videos and use the transcription when you need to quickly go back to refresh your memory or find something; the whole thing should take about an hour.

Speedy Profit Creator Digital Book

This is the foundation course in the Speedy Profit Creator system and is made up of 8 sections, they are:

  1. Create the Plan
  2. Selecting the Product
  3. Domain and Hosting
  4. Modifying an Existing Product (PLR)
  5. Creating a Product from Scratch
  6. Creating Graphics
  7. Creating a Sales Page
  8. Driving Traffic

As you can see, it's a fairly complete look at product creation and, while it won't tell you everything about everything, it does reveal those things you absolutely need to know; after all, it would be near impossible for Omar to distill years of knowledge into a single, inexpensive digital book.

1. Create the Plan

I like the way this starts, the first paragraph is:

"The first thing I am going to show you to do, is how to start creating your products so you can make some quick profits... something that is going to generate speedy profits for you that you can do rather quickly without a whole bunch of technical know how."

Then, without further ado, he gets right into it.

He starts with the 3 things that make up a good plan and spends the rest of the chapter detailing how to create the plan.

While doing that he doesn't just tell you what to do but explains why you need to do it and some of the choices you can make along the way.

He also has a section on some free and paid resources you can use as you execute the plan.

A thing I like is that he tells you that you need a plan, so many people miss this step, and I also like that his plan isn't like the old Soviet 5-year plan and kills half a forest making it.

He shows what you need to create a bare-bones plan that contains the necessary things without all the puffery and distraction that some plans contain.

2. Selecting the Product

Again, he starts with a truism: "The unnecessary fear around the whole “selecting a product” dilemma never ceases to amaze me."

He then shows you why this fear is unfounded and is caused by a lack of knowledge and understanding.

The rest of the chapter then gives you the knowledge and understanding you need to lose that fear.

He reveals things like:

  • Why having a great idea may be your first step to disaster.
  • What the most important thing you need to do when selecting a product.
  • What focus you MUST HAVE to make sure you don't end up broke and despondent.

Let me put in another quote:

"My point is that selecting a product is more important than creating a website or driving traffic."

That is so true because, as Omar shows you in the book, having lots of people coming to the most beautiful Web site is worthless if they aren't interested in your product.

The thing I like about this section is that it provides a foundation of what to do rather than using a step-by-step "do this, do that" methods that may be easy to follow but you really have no idea what you're doing or why.

Don't worry though; the step-by-step comes later in the videos.

3. Domain & Hosting

This is frequently a boring and confusing thing for most people.

But, it is important to have a domain and hosting and not just any old thing... Omar tells you why you shouldn't necessarily go with the cheapest or the easiest options.

He does this by revealing the mistakes he made and how it cost him a lot more time and money... so, remember don't be "penny wise and pound foolish" :-)

Again, Omar focuses on what and why and leaves the how to the videos.

4. Product Creation

There are essentially 2 ways to create a product, either build it from scratch or take an existing product and modify it to be unique to you and Speedy Profit Creator shows you how to do both

Modifying an Existing Product

Omar focuses on taking private label rights (PLR) products and the why and what you need to do to turn them into unique, sellable products.

In fact, he gives you 11 ways you can take PLR products and modify and enhance it to be unique to you and superior to the original.

He provides some free and paid resources to help you along.

Let me end with a quote from the book: "Always, always, always, make changes." Indeed.

Creating a Product from Scratch

In this section, unlike many, you do get a high level look at the steps you need to take to create a product from scratch, starting with research and an outline through creating the finished product -- both with and without the Speedy Profit Creator software.

He ends the section with a list of resources that will help you to write the book yourself or to get it written for you.

5. Creating Graphics

This section shows you why you need graphics and where you'll need them including the minimum graphics you'll need: a web site template; a product image; a page header and footer; buttons.

There are two options for graphics: pay for them or make them yourself; he covers both options but spends more time on the second one because there is more to say.

One bit of great advice he gives is "You'll want to brand your product image through consistency."

6. Creating a Sales Page

He starts by showing why this is a very important part of the creation process.

He also tells you some of the best things to do and not do and looks at both traditional sales pages and the newer video sales pages.

He goes through to advantages and disadvantages of each and how to go about creating them so they will convince your prospects to buy.

In essence, he gives you the "formula" you need to make a good sales page.

Now, writing a good sales letter isn't easy but if you follow his guidelines then you'll do better than 99% of other people who follow no guidelines or rules; don't ignore this, if you don't believe it then it's because you don't understand, it's been true for millennia.

7. Driving Traffic

The first paragraph points out something very important about the different methods of getting people to your Web site -- that is, driving traffic. Let me quote the entire paragraph:

"There are hundreds of ways to drive traffic to your website and I'm not going to pretend to know them all. As a matter of fact I can probably name only about a dozen or so, but more importantly, I really only use a few. In all sincerely, that's all I need. As a matter of fact to be 100% truthful, these days I spend very little time driving traffic. I don't really have to anymore. The reason I am able to do that is because when I first started I invested hours and hours in driving traffic and it built up like a snowball turning into an avalanche."

There are actually several very important points in there but the one I am talking about is one that some many people don't get.

You don't need a lots of different was to get traffic, you need to find a few ways that work well for you and for your prospects and do A LOT of that.

Another really important thing he emphasizes in this section is that there is no such thing as "free traffic".

"Free traffic" sounds very enticing, particularly to people who are trying to sell "free traffic" products to the unsuspecting, but it just doesn't exist; nothing comes free.

If you are someone who is not sure about this or thinks I'm wrong, I can tell you that it will cost you a lot of time or money or both to get free traffic.

Sure, if you do all the work then no money leaves your pocket but you've paid in time and, most people don't think of this, you've paid in lost opportunity.

By that I mean the money you could have been making otherwise if that time had been spent elsewhere.

I'm not saying it may not have been worth it to do all the free traffic generation work yourself, I've done it and Omar did it, and it can be very worth it but don't kid yourself that free traffic is free.

Anyway, in the rest of the section Omar talks about the "free traffic" methods he's used and the best ways he's found to use them for your success.

These are things like Article Marketing, Video Marketing, even safe lists.

My recommendation is to read the entire book at least once to understand the concepts and once your understand the what and the why go on and watch the videos to learn the how.

"Over-the-Shoulder" How-To Videos

The next section follows up the what and why book with 13 "how-to" videos where Omar goes through each specific topic he talked about in the book and shows you on screen just how to accomplish what you need to do.

This is a place where Omar really shines, he is a gifted speaker and video maker and his videos are direct, entertaining, and actually useful (unlike many videos); sometimes he talks too fast though so be ready to hit the pause button :-)

There are 11 primary videos:

  1. Create the Plan
  2. Select the Product
  3. Get Domain & Hosting
  4. Edit/Modify/Create A Product
  5. Create a Product Graphic
  6. Create a Top Banner
  7. Create a Sales Page
  8. Create a Sales Video
  9. Create a Payment Button
  10. Drive Traffic - Free Traffic
  11. Drive Traffic - Paid Traffic

There are also these 2 bonus videos:

  1. Create A Physical Product (Part 1)
  2. Create a Physical Product (Part 2)

Many of the videos start with a goal that you will achieve in the video.

The "Create the Plan" video runs 28 minutes and goes through all the things you're going to need to do, the order you need to do them, resources you'll need, creating milestones and task lists, etc. -- all parts of the plan you should create before you begin.

The "Select the Product" video runs 37 and a half minutes and immediately starts with the 4 key factors you need to look at when you are looking for a profitable niche and product; includes tools and Web sites to help you do this quickly and confidently.

Then he talks about where to find sources of content for your products.

He goes online and shows you exactly how to find ideas and content you can use to create your product and how to quickly verify that the things you find are something that people are interested in and who are willing to buy products.

The "Domain & Hosting" video runs 23 minutes and in it Omar shows how to get a domain (which is essentially the online name of you business, your Web address) and a hosting account (which is like your online store front.)

He shows how to access your new hosting account, create e-mail addresses, add multiple Web site domains to your account, and how to get your Web pages onto your new Web site.

The "Edit/Modify/Create the Product" video was bad when I previewed it but Omar was notified and I'll update this review when it's fixed.

The "Create a Product Graphic" video runs 55 and a half minutes and reveals the 4 core principles to creating/getting graphics including your product graphics; he takes you online to show you his favorite resource.

Omar shows you what are the key images you need as well as tools to use.

He then opens the free graphics creation program GIMP and shows you how to quickly create the basic "flat" product graphic; you can follow along with him to create your own product graphic!

He also goes online to show you how to find: ideas; matching color palettes; free graphics and icons you can use as part of your product graphic, how to create the 3D cover.

Again, you can just follow along with the video and make your own product image.

The "Create a Top Banner" video runs 31 minutes shows you how to use the product graphic created in the previous video to create a banner for the top of your Web site.

Omar also goes online and shows you some other Web sites where you can create or get banners, even animated banners.

He ends this video by using GIMP to create a page header for your digital book.

This video, along with the previous one, I found very fascinating because I rarely use GIMP and didn't realize how much it could do; I literally sat there saying "wow, I didn't know you could do that so easily" over and over again.

The "Create A Sales Page" video runs 35 and a half minutes and he uses a free Web page creating tool to show how to quickly create a sales page and the download page and how to copy them to the Internet.

He does a good job and if you follow along with him you should be able to create a Web page yourself. However, it looks like an old video and out of place with the others.

What I would have liked to have seen were 2 things:

  1. Creating a new video using the top banner created in the previous video.
  2. Use the Chunk Copy "Speedy Sales Site Templates" included with Speedy Profit Creator (see below).

The "Create a Sales Video" runs 33 and a half minutes and begins by looking at various tools that will help you create your sales video -- tools like Audacity, Vox Flair and others; he gives you a quick demo of using each tool.

The video ends with Omar showing how to upload the video to YouTube and to put it on the sales page that was created in the previous video.

Like the previous video, this video has good information but it appears to be an older video from Speedy Profit Creator 1.0 and isn’t really integrated well with the first 6 videos.

The "Create A Payment Button" runs 43 and a half minutes and Omar goes online and shows, step-by-step, how to create a PayPal button and shows how to put on the sales page.

Omar then goes beyond a basic PayPal button and shows, again step-by-step, how to create a PayDotCom button instead; this let's you have a button on your page that lets other people promote your product for you and earn a commission or referral fee.

After you have the button created and put on your sales page, the next thing Omar does is show how to create a "Johnson Box” around the button and add call to action text to improve the number of people who'll click the button; he also shows how to add a second one at the bottom of the page.

The next thing Omar shows is how to finish the download page with the creation and insertion of a linked download button as well as how to add advertisements to get some back end income also.

This was also an older version video and, as the other ones, had a lot of good information I would have liked to have seen it updated and integrate with the rest of the videos.

The "Drive Traffic - Free Traffic" video runs 28 minutes and starts with an overview of how to get traffic and what to do with that traffic when you get it.

Then Omar points out that you have to use Google properly to ensure you are getting enough of the right traffic while showing why "free traffic" isn't free and it isn't instant traffic.

After that foundation Omar shows you 12 good ways to get traffic and shows you, in detail, how to do 5 of those methods; including how to streamline Article Marketing so it isn't so time intensive.

This video has some good information and isn't meant to be an all inclusive course on getting free traffic but I would have liked to have seen a little more depth here.

The "Drive Traffic - Paid Traffic" video runs 29 minutes starts with giving you a quick foundation of what paid traffic is and how to buy it; this includes the most common types of paid traffic.

Then Omar goes into more detail of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising both search engine PPC and Social Networking PPC (like Facebook Ads); one good thing is Omar doesn't limit himself to Google AdWords but broadens to other search engines like Bing and Yahoo!

Focusing on Facebook Ads, Omar shows specifics on how to optimize Facebook Ads to most profitable; he goes through how to create the ads.

He ends with the advantages and disadvantages of paid traffic and points out some of the key points of paid traffic.

Like the "free traffic" video there is a lot of good information in it but it doesn't go too deeply so is more useful for less knowledgeable online business owners.

The "Create A Physical Product Part 1" video runs 44 and a half minutes and in it Omar goes into an in depth look at the powerful advantages of creating physical products; note the physical products could just be taking your digital book and putting it on a CD/DVD to sell.

He also shows the main disadvantages, these are primary additional costs you don't have with digital products.

He then goes into what you can put on a CD/DVD and how to link to other files on the CD or to files on the Internet.

Omar ends with what you need to do to physical create the master CD/DVD.

This is a nice overview and foundation with some good ideas and directly actionable tips. I thought it was well does with one editing glitch towards the beginning.

The "Create A Physical Product Part 2" video runs 41 and a half minutes and follows up the previous focusing on how to fulfill your orders of the physical disks.

He looks at the two ways of handling orders: (1) doing it all yourself, including creating and mailing the DVD/CDs and (2) having someone else do it.

He goes through the advantages and disadvantages of each.

During this, Omar goes to eBay and shows you how to get the supplies you'll need to create professional DVD/CDs and package them up.

After that he shows some recommended fulfillment companies and what services they provide.

Omar ends looking at marketing channels for selling physical products as well as some ideas of ways to sell physical products.

My recommendation is to watch all the videos and follow along with Omar to create your own product.


Along with all the information and training, Speedy Profit Creator now comes with 40 private label rights (PLR) products that you can use to start making money right away; this is a great way to “Earn While You Learn.”

You can use them as the basis for creating your products and put your name as the author.

These are standard PLR products and it's possible you already have some of them, I know I do, but you probably don't have all of them and one of the things Omar tells you to do is to quickly create a product and release it and do it again and again, so have 40 quick options available to you which is very valuable.

Those 40 products are spread around 15-20 different niches including Dating/Relationship, Making Money, Dogs, Health/Fitness, Weight Loss, Finance, etc.

The library includes 2 bonuses to help you get the most out of the products.

The first is the keyword research spreadsheets, one for each product; these were actually created by me using output from Market Samurai which I organized and prettied up.

You get all the information Market Samurai spits out related to keywords and to the SEO competition for a keyword. Information like:

  • The average number of searches each day for the keyword
  • The estimated number of visitors you would get to your Web site if you were the #1 ranked site
  • The number of Web pages competing for that keyword
  • Indicators about the strength of the competition
  • The estimated cost of paid traffic
  • The Google Page Rank of the top 10 sites
  • The number of back links those 10 sites have, both to the Web site as a whole and to the specific page that is ranked in the top 10.
  • etc.

Along with the spreadsheet is a short guide to help you understand keyword analysis, SEO competition and the individual columns in the spreadsheets.

The second bonus is the “Speedy Sales Site Templates” which are 4 Chunk Copy sales letter templates to help you create your own sales pages using methods that have proven to have worked very well in the past; they are basically the same template in 4 colors schemes.

The library is very useful to you to quickly kick start your Speedy Profit Creators even though you can get the included products elsewhere (now you don't have to!)

The 40 products along with the matching spreadsheets and the sales page templates are a good complement to Speedy Profit Creator even if they are more like a nice side dish and not the main dish.

My recommendation is to find a product in the library, and use it to create a product, if for no other reason than to go through the process, but you should end up with a product you can sell!

Software Tools

The software tools section is the main addition to Speedy Profit Creator 2.0 and is made of 5 parts: the digital book creator software, tutorial videos and a written manual to use the software, a "text cleaner" tool to use to remove all the extraneous formatting word processing file contain, and a range of graphic tools and resources.

Let me go through them...

The main software tool is the digital book creator online software (it runs right from the Speedy Profit Creator member's area so it works no matter what type of computer you are using (Windows, Mac, Unix, etc.)

Here is a screen shot of the top part of the creator software. As you can see you enter some information, check some boxes, and upload your front cover and page header images to be included in the book.

It's all pretty easy and things I particular like about it are:

1. You can edit existing file, many times this type of software can create files but not edit ones previously created

2. It has standard disclaimer text available that you can include in your book if you want but then they went further and let you edit the text.

3. You can choose to have Speedy Profit Creator create a clickable table of contents.

Here's another screen shot of the next part of the software, where you can put in the author's information so a page about the author can be included if you wish (including a picture) and where the chapters of the book are enter.

As you can see, you just copy and paste the chapters into the boxes including inserting of images.

This is also where I think the weakest part of the software is.

Some of the things that I'd like to see changed here are:

1. The formatting capabilities are minimal at best -- just bold, italics, and underlining are supported -- which don't give you much latitude. I'd like to see highlighting, headers, different font choices and sizes, alignment (like centering) and other things.

2. You have to paste in plain text so any formatting done in the original must be removed before you paste into the chapter boxes.

3. You can have up to 3 images which is nice but I'd like to see that restriction removed and the method of insertion made easier.

4. You're limited to 10 chapters, I understand some of the reasons this was done, but I'd like to see this restriction removed.

5. Ability to add links with in the text of the book. (Omar has already added this ability)

Since Speedy Profit Creator is built on the WordPress platform I am surprised they didn't use the TinyMCE editor that WordPress uses which has a lot more formatting options and doesn't require plain text pasting (it comes with a text cleaner which doesn't lose formatting) all of which you can see from this screen shot of the top of the TinyMCE editor.

The last section of the software is where you can add an optional (but recommended) resources page as well as save the file and create the finished PDF book ready for use; here what it looks like:

All in all, the book creation software works well and easily creates high quality PDF with little work.

I just wish it had better formatting options so I could recommend the software completely; it will definitely restrict how often I would use it despite the ease and quality of the finished book.

The text cleaner software is simple and necessary because of the plain text restriction I mentioned above. There are other easy ways to do this but it's handy to have it in the same place as the creation software.

The graphic tools come in 3 parts: 2 online tools right on the page; 2 collections of graphics for you to download and use; and 2 resources (1 free and 1 paid) where you can get graphics and icons).

The online tools are color related and the first lets you easily find just the right color you are looking for while the second lets you easily come up with pleasing color palettes (which Omar explains the need for in the graphics video above).

The downloadable graphics are 100 textures you can use for the backgrounds of your graphics (or parts of your graphics) and 90 different seals to use on you book and sales pages.

The resources are both previous mentioned in the videos but a quick link is provided for you ion the resources page.

There are other sections but they are where you can download the resell licenses if you became a Mac Daddy member, some resources, to access support and to become and affiliate of Speedy Profit Creator.

My recommendation is to try the software creation tool to see if it meets your needs. In either case, submit a request to the support desk requesting improvements in the software.

Affiliate Program

The "Earn Money" section is where you will find marketing material you can use to market Speedy Profit Creator and earn a 50% commission or referral fee.

Omar provides 5 different types of marketing materials:

  1. E-mails you can use to send to you subscribers
  2. Product review/blog post template
  3. Signature blocks
  4. A number of different product images in different sizes.
  5. Lots of banner ads (a sample is to the right)

These are all of excellent quality and very useful for your marketing, and he provides a way to just enter your ClickBank ID and it will automatically put it in the embedded links in all the material.

There is one thing I'd like to see done and that is you need to do this every time you want some of the marketing materials and if it retained the ID and reused it then you'd only need to enter it once.

A small thing I know but a nice touch and easy to add.

Resell Rights License

If you get the Mac Daddy membership then you "can resell the BASIC & PRO membership for 100% profit."

This is actually a little misleading in that you aren't selling the memberships you are given a license, a sales page and the actual Speedy Profit Creator PDF, MP3, and Videos files, and the Library that you put on your Web site and sell it like you would your own products; the only thing missing is the Speedy Sales Site Templates.

A minor point but one I thought was worth mentioning because some people will assume they didn't need to worry about the web site or getting the product to the customers because they were just selling memberships.

The other sections are Resources and Support Access,.


Speedy Profit Creator is a good product and very nice value for the money.

It surprised me that it had things for more advanced online entrepreneurs but I would say the greatest value would be gotten but newer or less successful people.

Let me summarize for you here:

Jump Start

The videos are very good but the PDF transcription isn't so good.

My recommendation: watch the videos but only read the PDF report if you wanted to refer back to something in the video, it would be a quicker way of finding it than searching through the videos.

Speedy Profit Creator Digital Book

Fairly complete and, while not very deep, it reveals the things that are absolutely necessary.

I don't find this a negative because the expectations are that an inexpensive digital book can’t be comprehensive and all-inclusive in a topic as large as this and what is shown -- the what and why -- is done very well and will provide a solid foundation.

My recommendation: Read it at least once and reread until you build a solid foundation of knowledge.

"Over-the-Shoulder" How-To Videos

Most of these videos are new and very good while a few of them are older versions but the information is still good and valid.

They build upon the foundation of the book and show you how to do many of the different things you must do to be successful online with digital books and beyond.

My recommendation: definitely watch the videos at least once and refer back to them as necessary. I'd also recommend that you put in a formal request to have the older videos updated although I want to reiterate, the information is still there, it's good and it's relevant.


This is 40 private label rights (PLR) products which you can use as the basis for products you create to quickly create profitable streams of income.

While they aren't new or unique that really doesn't matter much because you should be modifying and updating them anyway.

The keyword research spreadsheets and the proven sales page bonuses are very nice and useful additions.

My recommendation: use the PLR books to make products to sell and use the spreadsheets to help you focus on what the best and most profitable keywords are (which should help you decide how to focus the product). Many of the PLR products come with sales pages but move them over to the "Chunk Copy" versions.

Software Tools

This consists of the digital book creation software (and accompanying training) as well as some graphics resources.

The software creates very good quality digital books but I'd like to see some additional features that take it from adequate to good then to must have.

The graphics are definitely useful but there aren't as many as I'd like to see.

My recommendation: use the software if you don't have other options or your needs are simple. And certainly put in a request to have the improvements I've mentioned above added to the software.

Affiliate Program

Omar has provided a good selection of high quality marketing material for you to use and he's certainly made it easy because he's using ClickBank to manage the affiliate program for Speedy Profit Creator.

My recommendation: if it fits into you business and business model to be an affiliate of Speedy Profit Creator then definitely use what he has for you.

Resell Rights License

Mac Daddy members of Speedy Profit Creator get a license to resell what is essentially the Basic and Pro versions of Speedy Profit Creator; the only thing missing is the

I'll again note that you are not selling actual memberships because you are provided with the actual documents and audio and video files that are included in those memberships and it is up to you to make a Web site for them, to create a sales page for them (a sample is included), and to deliver the products from your Web site (either streaming or as a download).

My recommendation: again, if it fits into you business and business model then this is a nice additional way for you to get some speedy profits. If it had been me though I would have let you sell the actual memberships without having to worry about product delivery, although I understand why it wasn't done this way.

Who Should Get It?

Speedy Profit Creator isn't for everyone and it may not be right for you at this point in time.

This is my opinion of who would benefit most:

  • You are very new to online business and are looking for something to give you a good starting foundation so you can quickly be earning some money.
  • You have struggled to be successful in your online business, you sell digital products, and feel you need some additional guidance to get you to the next level.
  • You've been an affiliate marketer and would like to dip your toe into creating your own digital products to sell.
  • You are more advanced and more successful and understand the value of just one good idea; most people will find something of good value here.
  • You'll looking to supplement your existing income relatively easily (you'll need to work but it won't be excessive unless you want faster results).

Don't get this if:

  • You are looking for a "get rich quick" method (there isn't one) this isn't what you want and Omar doesn't even suggest that it is.
  • You need to make a lot of money quickly. Yes, it's called Speedy Profit Creator and you can be making some money relatively quickly but there is work to be done and you should expect the amount of money you will make would be small at first and build over time.
  • You're a very advanced and successful marketer.
  • You're someone who just buys things without ever actually using them.

Which Membership to Get?

If you are relatively new to having an online business or haven't been able to successfully sell products then I can wholeheartedly recommend Speedy Profit Creator.

If you are completely new I would recommend starting with the Basic version to see if it's something you really would like to do and would be able to do. The basic version gives you some fundamental knowledge in being successful online.

However, in general, anything less that the Pro version won't be very satisfactory because you'll only know the basic of what and why (very important indeed but not enough) whereas will the Pro version you'll build upon that foundation with the how-to videos and you'll have access to the Library which alone is worth more than the investment Omar is asking for.

What the Mac Daddy version adds is the software and graphics along with the rights to sell what the other 2 versions contain.

Despite the quality of the digital books being created I have trouble unconditionally recommending the software because of the restriction I mentioned above.

However, if your immediate needs are simple (or selling the other versions has immediate value) then get the Mac Daddy version because Omar has told me that enhancements to the book creation software are currently being made and will be available soon.

Otherwise, stick with the lower memberships and upgrade later.

My Bonuses

If you do decide to get Speedy Profit Creator, I am providing some additional bonuses worth $750 that are specifically picked to to enhance Speedy Profit Creator; you can review them at

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