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The "honest marketer", an oxymoron? Not in this case :-) I believe marketing, truth and integrity can all be used in the same sentence. Doing just that I have taken my monthly income and turned into my weekly income... (daily is next!)
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WOW and Delight Your Affiliates with Powerful Promotional Material

Feb. 21, 2012 11:44 pm

One question that everyone always has is "how do I attract affiliates and get them to promote my products for me?"

If you have products then traffic from affiliates is some of the best traffic you can get.

As you've probably found out, it's not easy getting good affiliates to promote for you because affiliates are all about making as much money as quickly and easily as possible.

Affiliates are busy, have lots of choices and, let me be honest with you, they are lazy; they don't want to do a lot of work; this attitude, while understandable, makes them very picky.

What does that mean to you though?

It means a lot of things but one thing it means is that you need to do more work.

There are a lot of things you need to do but one of the best is to provide them with tools.

Let's look at what those tools are...

Affiliate Marketing Material: What Everyone Does

Everyone does a minimum set of things and, if you want affiliates to even think of promoting for you, you've got to do at least that minimum.

To be honest, this won't be nearly enough and if you're not willing to go above and beyond your competitors then you're going to have a very tough road to success.

But, you need to do this minimum so you need to know what it is.

E-mail Swipes

E-mail swipes are promotional e-mail that you write that for your affiliates to use.

Don't skimp here because if the e-mail you write doesn’t get sales for the affiliates they won't promote any of your other products.

So, if you want to do this right, you can't just write e-mail and hope and pray, you need to give them tested e-mail, ones that have proven to get clicks.

Now you may wonder how to do that for a new product with no track record.

The hard truth is that you need to do some work and test your e-mail by:

1. Sending the e-mail to your own list if you have one

Write a few e-mails and send each to a portion of your list and track how each one does.

Tweak and improve and use the best ones for your e-mail swipes and you'll also have proof of conversions which hardly anyone

does so you'll stand out from everyone else.

2. Buy access to other e-mail lists

You can pay to have your e-mail sent to other people's list so take your test e-mails and buy access to the list other

people you know of; just be sure that the list is one that your offer though would appeal to or the test won't tell you


3. Use safe lists

This is similar to number 2 in that your send e-mail to other peoples list and, although not one of my favorites, some people swear by them so I felt I should mention them.

You can join free and paid safe lists and get your e-mail sent out to the subscribers of the list; just Google "safe lists" to find a number of choices for safe lists.

Graphic Images

A given is providing affiliates with graphic images. You should have graphics of the all primary sizes.

The current approved list of approved IAB sizes is (maximum size, maximum animation length):

  1. Medium Rectangle: 300x250 (40KB, 0:15)
  2. Rectangle: 180x150 (40KB, 0:15)
  3. Leaderboard: 728x90 (40KB, 0:15)
  4. Wide Skyscraper: 160x600 (40KB, 0:15)
  5. Half Page Ad: 300x600 (40KB, 0:15)
  6. Button 2: 120x60 (20KB, 0:15)
  7. Micro Bar: 88x31 (10KB, 0:15)

Previously approved sizes are still used sometime so consider them for some situations:

  1. Square Pop-Up: 250x250 (40KB, 0:15)
  2. Vertical Rectangle: 240x400 (40KB, 0:15)
  3. Large Rectangle: 336x280 (40KB, 0:15)
  4. 3:1 Rectangle: 300x100 (40KB, 0:15)
  5. Pop-Under: 720x300 (40KB, 0:15)
  6. Full Banner: 468x60 (40KB, 0:15)
  7. Half Banner: 234x60 (30KB, 0:15)
  8. Button 1: 120x90 (20KB, 0:15)
  9. Vertical Banner: 120x240 (30KB, 0:15)
  10. Square Button: 125x125 (30KB, 0:15)
  11. Skyscraper: 120x600 (40KB, 0:15)

Here's what they look like (this is no actual size but will give you a sense of shape and relative size)

For more on the above sizes visit the IAB Web site.

You also should have various product images for affiliates to use and include both animated and non-animated banner ads so your affiliates can chose the right one for their situation.

Don't skimp here either, if the graphics look bad or don't stand out then you'll turn off affiliates and the leads they might attract.

Get a professional to do your graphics, it will more than pay for itself; there are many good ones, I always use Woei Yu Choo, you can check her out at her marketing graphics membership site and her marketing graphics design site

Blog Posts

Create some articles that affiliates could use for blog posts.

Don't make them sales-y at all; the best thing to do is to write about some aspect of your product that would be very useful and informative to your prospects.

Take each of the main benefits of your product and write an article about each benefit.

As I said, don't sell in the articles but you can prepare the prospects to eventually buy your product; you can even put a lead in and links to your product.

Product Reviews

You also need to write some product reviewsthat your affiliates can use to promote your products.

These should be fair, honest reviews of your product and not one that just raves about your product.

Those will be unbelievable to prospects and just turn them off.

Be sure to point out perceived weaknesses in your product, even if you show why they aren't really weaknesses.

Solo Ads

Write some text ads for your affiliates that they can use. Create some short ones to be used in pay-per-click ads, for example, for AdWords ads and some longer ones for larger solo ads.

Remember that these need to be powerful ads that have a big benefit headline and reinforce that in the body of the ad to get the reader to click through.

If you don't know how to write compelling ads it will pay for you to get a professional ad writer.

Forum Signatures

Forum signatures are one or two paragraphs of text that affiliates can use in forums (and elsewhere) in their signature block for subtle, soft-sell promotions.

Notice I said subtle and soft sell, if you don't do it that way the affiliate may get banned from the forum which won't endear you to them.

Some forums in some niches will accept harder sells but don't chance ruining relationships with potential partners and, nowadays, soft sell works better in most cases.

Don’t Stop There!

The above are just the minimum amount you must do to even play the game if you are looking to attract affiliates to promote products for you.

But you must start by providing each of these:

  1. E-mail Swipes
  2. Graphic Images
  3. Blog Posts
  4. Product Reviews
  5. Solo Ads
  6. Forum Signatures

That’s just the beginning though and, in part 2, you’ll discover what additional tools you need to provide to standout and make affiliates more likely to promote you than someone else.

Until then… take action and get started with the above and provide your affiliates with some awesome promotional material to help them help you.

To your success,

David Husnian

Standard Web Banner Ad Sizes image is from Wikipedia.


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