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The "honest marketer", an oxymoron? Not in this case :-) I believe marketing, truth and integrity can all be used in the same sentence. Doing just that I have taken my monthly income and turned into my weekly income... (daily is next!)
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Stop Letting Them Tell You It's Hard to Succeed

Dec. 30, 2011 1:22 pm
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As the year draws to a close I want to remind you to stop listening to all the negative people who tell you it's hard to succeed.; they may be well meaning or are trying to "be realistic" but it's just holding you back

It isn't hard to succeed.

I also want to remind you that there is no "magic button" or "silver bullet" or "ninja trick" or whatever you want to call it.

There just isn't.

There are only 3 things you need to guarantee your success, the 3 Pillars:

  1. Products: Good products and services that people want to buy
  2. Traffic: Enough of those people who know about your products and services and come to your Web site (or store location)
  3. Conversions: Be able to convince those people that your products and services are just what they need

That's all.

Just apply the required time and effort, and maybe some money; they aren't all that hard to do and are well within reach of virtually everyone.

But that's not the full story...

What You Don't Need

Do You Need a Web Site?

No, plenty of successful people did it by driving traffic to other people products.

Online this is commonly referred to as affiliate marketing and your earn money via commissions although frequently calling it a referral fee is more accurate.

Now, at some point you probably want a Web site -- just like an offline entrepreneur most likely will want a store front or office -- but you can be successful without one.

To be fair, it is rare to be wildly successful without one but we're just talking about "quit your job" success or make enough to feel really comfortable success not retire to your own island success.

Do You Need a List of Prospects and Customers?

No, you don't.

Now, don't get me wrong, having a responsive list is a great thing; you should start building one as soon as possible (even from the very beginning).

It makes it easier to be successful, particularly to be wildly successful, and if you want a real long-term business then I emphatically say build a list of prospects and customers.

But... you don't need to have one and if having one means you slack off on the 3 Pillars then postpone it for later.

Do You Need to Be "Perfect"?


As Bill Glazer says "good enough is good enough."

I had a discussion with him at a Glazer-Kennedy event some years ago and asked him “how do you know when something is good enough?”

He, of course, said it depends and what's good enough in one situation isn't good enough in another one.

However, one thing he said that I have found true is that the greater the investment you will ask from the prospects the better what you're giving them must be; and that is beyond the product to include their experience through the sales funnel, their experience with the product or service, their experience with customer service, their post sales experience, etc.

So that mean if you are selling a $7 e-book you don't need to spend months on a perfect Web site or thousands of dollars on a professional sales letter.

Good enough in this case is to get the thing done and out there as soon as possible, it shouldn't take more than a day or two (and even less when you have a process and systems in place.)

But if you're selling a $2,000 hone study course, you better take your time because good enough is a lot more complex.

Frank Kern does this so well.

If you've seen his marketing campaigns for things like Mass Control, List Control, etc. you'll understand.

He has a lot of great content (and fun) videos leading up to product launch; and those videos alone usually give you more than most $97-197 products.

He has a very professional launch with more value just in the sales page and process.

The products are top notch both in content and delivery.

He gives you a free multi-day conference so you can get even more from his products and he makes them fun and memorial and first class; a conference likes he puts on would normally cost $1-2,000 to attend and it costs him hundreds of thousands of dollars and lots of time to put on.

He follows up with additional information (all in a uniquely fun way) and even gifts (I've received from physical books, etc.).

But it's "good enough" because it virtually chemically bonds his customers to him (and sure makes the sales of future products to them a lot easier).

So leave perfect for the people who fail and be good enough all the way to the bank.

Do You Need to Know Everything?

Absolutely not!

You only need to know what you need to know.

Anything else is information overload at best so don't bother with it.

Don't buy it.

Don't download it for free.

Don't watch it.

Don't clutter up your hard disk with it.

Ignore it.

When you're ready for it, what you need will still be available and it will be the best current information (and you won't waste hours searching for the 2 year old $7 e-book you bought!)

Stop Doing "Things" and Start Succeeding

Stop getting distracted with things and start just doing things.

As I pointed out in my last 2 blog posts, How to Stop Playing Business Russian Roulette and 3 C’s – The One a Day Formula to Success, stop buying things (make only strategic investments) and stick with the Ready, Focus, Fire method.

Don't do anything that isn't directly related to the 3 Pillars (and list building is really a traffic getting method so it counts).

If you aren't:

  1. Finding, researching, creating, setting up products
  2. Generating traffic (via creating opt-in pages, writing and publishing great content (on blogs, article directories, video directories, social media sites, etc.), social media, link building, building relationship, etc.
  3. Creating sales and opt-in copy, split testing sales and opt-in copy, developing/improving offers, etc.

Then you need to stop doing it because it's just holding you back.

This is one of the key things people who struggle and people who fail do -- so stop it!

As you're doing those above things also remember the 3 C's I talked about in 3 C’s – The One a Day Formula to Success

Always make sure you understand why you are getting products, getting traffic, and getting better conversions.

If they aren't for one of the 3 C's then don't do it or make changes so that it is.

Are You Saying "Where Does That Leave Me?"

Be a strategic thinker and planner.

Set strategic goals and make specific plans to accomplish them.

It leaves you to focus on the task at hand and to take quick and massive action so it get to "good enough" and you can start benefiting from it and move to the next task on your way to world domination -- or at least success :-)

Don't fall for the pitch of the day because it's designed to take your money and not necessarily leave you better off (no matter how good it is, it may not be good for you at the specific time).

Do the things you do best and get someone else to do the things you don't do well; note this means to stop trying to improve you greatest weaknesses and spend that time on improving your greatest strengths.

As we move into the new year I will be providing a number of the things I use in my business: processes to follow, spreadsheets, resources, even some (free and paid) new products and services.

They will be uniquely different because they are meant to provide you will strategic assets to make next year the best year you've ever had.


Don't let me distract you either.

Everything I provide you, whether free or not, needs to be evaluated in YOUR strategic plan and don't bother with it if it doesn't. Ignore it.

Protect your time.

Sure, that's not what you hear from most marketers, but I couldn't proclaim to be ethical if I cared more about transferring your hard earned cash from your pocket to mine than in helping you stuff your pockets with cash.

So, it's not hard to success... be a strategic thinker and follow the 3 Pillars, use the 3 C's to focus solely on the goals you've defined. It takes work and it takes time but it easier to succeed than fail!

Have a Happy New Year!

DavidThe Shameless Ethical Marketer

Disagree? Blast away below…

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