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How to Stop Playing Business Russian Roulette

Dec. 16, 2011 4:32 pm
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You've probably heard about the concept of Ready, Fire, Aim that was first popularized by the book of the same name from Michael Masterson.

Some people think it's junk but lots of people, including some very successful ones, talk about it and teach it.

The concepts talked about in the book are great

...The idea behind the catchy title is a powerful one to help you break through one of the biggest reasons for failure.However, the problem is that most people don't read the book or do they understand what's really being said.Lots of people, including some very successful ones, talk about it and teach it.

Essentially, they hear the title and basically stop there.

That's a massive mistake and one that even many successful people have made.


The reason is because those people don't actually practice what Ready, Fire, Aim teaches.

In fact, if I totaled up the total dollar value that just the 6, 7 and 8-figure marketers have personally told me they've lost when they did improper Ready, Fire, Aim, it would add up to many millions of dollars.

For some people, doing it wrong actually works (sometimes) but for most others it hardly ever does.

And, of course, some people don't mind the many successes and many failures -- usually those people are pretty rich and can withstand it :-) -- but for most people the failures far outweigh the successes and they can't really afford the cost of large failures.

Here's how it all goes wrong...

You see, on the surface, the way most people talk about it is that Ready, Fire, Aim makes it it seem like you just come up with an idea and take immediate action to implement it in the hopes of quickly getting success.

However, that's not what the book advocates, study the book if you think differently, but that's what so many people are led to believe.

It's sort of a "shoot first and ask questions later" mentality and, to continue the gun analogy, it's the equivalent of taking an Uzi and holding down the trigger in hopes you will actually hit your target.

Sure you get off 10 rounds a second but you'll quickly run out of bullets without even knowing if you were close to hitting your target (that is, until they get you :-)

Another way I like to think of it, is that it's like playing Russian Roulette with a gun that has a whole lot of bullets in it! The chance of hurting yourself is greatly increased.

Now, one of the many strengths of Ready, Fire, Aim is that it helps overcome a problem that the majority of people have with the standard Ready, Aim and Fire.

That problem goes by many names -- like analysis paralysis or perfectionism -- but the bottom line is that many people just won't pull the trigger and get things completed.

You can see it plainly because they plan and build and plan and rebuild and spend all their time doing this and that and making everything perfect and they rarely, if ever, actually get something out to sell.

Here's a true story...

I remember, maybe 3-4 years ago, a women telling me about the online business she'd started.

As we were talking she mentioned that she had been working on her Web site for over a year. Yes, over one full year!

I was shocked.

We talked more and it became very obvious that she was caught in the "plan, build, make it perfect" trap and, while she didn't like that she wasn’t making money, she didn't consciously realize that actually finishing her site got her out of her comfort zone, so she kept finding reasons to keep delaying.

I told her that, for most small businesses like she had, the tools available meant that a Web site could be built in a day or two and for a more complex membership type or e-commerce site it might take a week or two, particularly if you have all the content and products ready like she did.

In fact, I told her to immediately stop doing what she was doing, to stop working with her "Web developer", and I'd help her get it something done, and selling, within a couple of days and then help her finish it over the next few weeks.

She become quite uncomfortable, got upset and wouldn't talk to me again.

She was stuck somewhere between the Ready and Aim phases and just couldn't get herself to actually Fire.

If that sounds like someone you know -- and maybe that someone is you -- you now know what the problem is.

And it truly is a serious problem because if you don't actually finish and get something for sale I can guarantee you will fail.

One very key point made in the Ready, Fire, Aim book is how tremendously important it is to be selling (it sounds obvious I know, but when you see so many unable to get to this step you see why a book like this can help).

It Even Makes Business Russian Roulette Attractive

This woman, and the millions of people like her, are why many people say even doing Ready, Fire, Aim WRONG is better than never finishing at all.

They say it's worse to do nothing than to do something and fail.

While I agree with that, neither approach is the best way to do things.

You see, however important it is to take action -- and I CANNOT over emphasize how important it is to take action -- with just little thought, you can be even more successful than the other methods.

I Call This Ready, Focus, Fire

What it means is to just do a some thinking, intelligent focusing, and due diligence before you act; at least you need to find out about where your target is!

You don't over think.

You don't spend months (or years like that woman) thinking and planning and making things perfect.

You just focus on finding a target that has good odds of success and then get it done; if you can't find it quickly (or it fails), drop the idea immediately and move on to the next idea.

Here's an example of doing it right that you've probably heard time and time again but never realized it was Ready, Focus, Fire.

Simply put, do appropriate research to find a profitable niche/market before you plunge in wasting time and money (that is, before you press the trigger and waste all your ammunition).

That's it.

As I said, it's simple, and it's well known, and it's proven.

The key work is to properly define "appropriate".

The "can't get to Fire" people don't get too much past the research step and, if they finally do, then they catch CTPP syndrome (that's the dreaded disease of trying to "create the perfect product").

The people who practice Ready, Fire, Aim incorrectly, either don't do the research or, at best, they do cursory research and may not pay attention to the results and do whatever they want to anyway!

The Ready, Focus, Fire people do reasonable research (hopefully following a proven method) and then take quick and massive action to optimize the advantage of the opportunity.

This balanced (Goldilocks-style) approach are why they are the people who build long-term, successful and sustainable, businesses.

Which Type of Person Do You Want to Be?

  1. You can be a "Ready" person who gets so bogged down in the Ready and Aim phases that you rarely get anything done and, truthfully, you are doomed to failure.
  2. Or, you can be a person who does Ready, Fire, Aim incorrectly and have some successes and some failures and hope for the best.
  3. Or, you can take more control of your success and be a Ready, Focus, Fire person who starts with small focused successes and continually builds to bigger and bigger ones. Sure, you'll have some failures but they'll be smaller and less frequent and, at the end of the day, you'll have a real, thriving business.

I advocate the latter (duh!), it's a more balanced approach and the real approach that most successful people actually use whether they know it or not.

To Your Success,


O.Y. If you interested in the "Ready, Fire, Aim" book (the Kindle version is $10) you can click my affiliate link

Or, if you're feeling mean and ornery and don't want to use my affiliate link :-), just go to Amazon and search for Ready Fire Aim.

Of course, I told you to stop buying stuff and that would apply to this also. When I go into how to think and invest strategically then you'll be able to decide whether this would be a correct strategic investment for you or not.

It doesn't mean you can't go check it out, you might even learn something helpful!

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