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The Amazing New 1 Shopping Cart Upsell Express

Dec. 2, 2009 11:21 pm
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Truthfully, I’m not a huge fan of 1ShoppingCart but I continue to use it as sort of the lesser of the evils and I’ve tried most of them.

Well, I just found out they’re adding something that is an amazing leap in functionality for them and gives them a big advantage over competing vendors, at least as far as I know.

They actually worked with some Internet Marketers and other online business experts to design and develop this new fantastic new addition to their product.

Their goals were to:

  • Increase your revenue by letting you capture more sales from each customer by increasing the order size of each order.
  • Be able to immediately market to new customers.
  • Have a return on investment (ROI) so high that their customers would flock to it.
  • Make it work for all of their customer no matter what they sell.

What they came up with is called Upsell Express and from what I can tell it is a great first attempt and will be a very valuable addition to their service. So much so that if I wasn’t a 1ShoppingCart customer I’d strongly consider becoming one.

Before I explain further, here is a short video showing some of the benefits and features.

What is 1ShoppingCart?

Just in case you don’t know what 1ShoppingCart is, let me give you a quick overview.

1ShoppingCart is probably the most popular all-in-one system for running an online business.

It includes a pretty decent shopping cart that is integrated with an autoresponder. It also allow you to send broadcast emails, has a built-in, if quirky, affiliate management system, among other things that online merchants typically need.

It’s a reasonable choice for any marketer and, in fact, I know that some big name people like Dan Kennedy use it (not exclusively but do actively use it).

The negatives are: it’s user interface isn’t great, it is pretty slow, it’s affiliate program has some quirks that you need to work around and it’s autoresponder isn’t as full-featured as places like Aweber (or the private label of Aweber like Turbo Autoresponder, ProFollow, and ProSender).

By the way, you might have also heard of it as other names, the Marketer’s Choice is one of the most common ones.

What is This Fabulous New Feature?

1ShoppingCart has added a feature, it you saw in the video above, called Upsell Express.

In short, it allows you to have an unlimited number of up-sells and down-sells.

Sure you’ve been able to manually create those and they aren’t that hard to do but it is still extra work and the customer has to start a new purchase each time.

One of the best things about Upsell Express is that it is completely “1 click to purchase”; that is, your customer never has to enter any information (name, address, email, credit card, etc.) again.

They just click on the buy button and it is automatically and immediately purchased.

What is an “Upsell” is and Why Would I Want to Have One?

Up-sells and down-sells are offering your customer additional products in addition to the product they’ve purchased.

Extensive research has shown that if you offer a customer something to buy immediately following their purchase they are more likely to purchase that if they are shown that before purchase.

Obviously that’s good for you because it mean you get more money from the same number of customers.

Let me give you a real example.

I have an electronic book that sells for $47 on how to have (plan) a “dream wedding” on a tight budget.

After each purchase the customers are shown a page where they can purchase an additional product. I switch these around to do testing but they are things like how to write the groom’s speech, creating stunning party favors, proper wedding etiquette, etc.; they cost $17 to $37.

A nice percentage, about 40% if I recall, purchase the up-sell and those that don’t are shown a “down-sell” (which is really just one of the other products) and I think about 25% purchase that.

So, worst case, every purchase goes from an average of $47 to an average of $58.05 which means, for the same 100 customers I get $5,805 instead of $4,700 with no extra traffic or work on my part; best case I get $7,105 instead of $4,700.

That should explain why you want to have them :-)

The bad thing is that, unless you get some custom programming done, each purchase means that the customer has to enter all their information again which does cause some loss of sales (look at your cart abandonment on the up and down sells to get an idea of how much – it won’t be completely accurate but gives a rough gauge).

As I said, Upsell Express adds 1-click buying so that is a thing of the past.

What Does It Look Like?

When someone buys via 1ShoppingCart they enter their information and hit a green “Submit Order” button.

You used to either go to your custom page or the default 1ShoppingCart thank you page but with Upsell Express you can go to an Upsell page.

While it resides on the 1ShoppingCart servers, you have almost complete control of this page including all text, uses of images, video and audio, and even using your own style sheets.

The page can be of any length, you do have control remember, and can have any number of (default or custom designed) buy buttons on it.

Here is a simple example:

It’s simplistic but it shows the use of custom images, a video, text and has a buy and “no thanks” button.

If the customer clicks the “Buy Now!” button, 1ShoppingCart will automatically purchase the product and go to the next up-sell, if you have more defined or to the thank you page.

If the customer clicks the “No thanks…” button, 1ShoppingCart will show the down-sell product (if you’ve defined one). Here’s an example

This can go on for as long as you want.

Eventually they will end up on the thank you page.

It can be your custom download page or it can be the default one; if it is the default one it will list all the products they purchased.

Each one will have its own section and you can add custom HTML code to each section so you can show them an image, video, instructions, even unadvertised bonuses.

Note: I’m could to test using an Aweber opt-in form there just to see if it works!

Anyway, you can add what you like there and here’s an example of what it looks like when you do…

Here is the individual up and down sell products purchased section.

The part inside the yellow box is where your custom HTML appears.

Notice each individual product can have a custom HTML section.

How Hard Is It To Set Up?

It follows the standard 1ShoppingCart way of doing things so if you are familiar and comfortable with that then it should be easy.

You just do 3 things:

  1. You Create Offers: Offers are the individual up and down sells you want to have.
  2. You Create Funnels: Funnels are one or more offers that you have put together into a sequence.
  3. Assign Funnels: You need to assign a (sales process) funnel to the appropriate product.

Here’s how it works.

Creating Offers

You click the “Create Offer” button.

On the first tab, you can see you give it a name, description (optional) and you can let 1ShoppingCart display the offer (click “Use Cart Look and Feel”) or you can add your own HTML (click “Full HTML Page”).

If you want to have custom HTML on the 1ShoppingCart thank you page then enter it here also.

Then you create the actual offer page.

On the Offer HTML tab you create/add your offer HTML. Again, it can be just about anything you want it to be.

Then you select the product, from your 1ShoppingCart products, that this offer will be for, that is, what product the customers will be purchasing if they click the buy button on the up sell or down sell page where this offer appears.

This is a pretty standard 1 Shopping Cart selection page and you save the offer when you are done.

You continue to create offer for more products until you’ve made all the ones you want to have as up and down sells.

Creating Funnels

Now that you have offers you can put them together into one or more sales process funnels.

Go to the Funnels tab and click “Create Funnel”.

Enter the funnel name, the optional description and any HTML you want to the top and bottom of the default thank you page.

Then define each step in the sales process funnel.

For each step you define (pick from the list of offers) what the up-sell is, that is the product they initially see (this is done on the far left side of each row – the column heading is “Offer Name”) and then, if you want one, what downsell the customer will see of they click no thanks (this is done in the middle under the column named “Downsell Offer Name”); click the Save button on the row to save the funnel step.

Then you keep adding as many steps as you want.

Note that you can reorder the steps by click the up and down arrows in the “Offer Steps” column.

Finally assign a funnel to a product on the “Assign Upsells” tab.

Again, a pretty standard 1 Shopping Cart selection page and, when you are done, save the funnel using the Save button at the bottom.

Create as many funnels as you want.

Now for Something Special

If all that wasn’t enough 1ShoppingCart went above and beyond by letting you do A/B split testing of your funnels.

For those who don’t know what that is, A/B split testing is testing 2 different versions (of a sales page, a squeeze page, anything – in this case a sales process funnel).

You show either “version A”, unusually called the control, or “version B”, usually call the treatment, to see which one performs better (gets more sales, get more opt-ins or however success is defined by you).

The winner becomes the new control and you test again.

This is one of the big “secrets” of highly successful marketers; the old saying is “if you’re not testing, you’re guessing” and, no matter what your success level is you would be more successful, maybe much more successful, if you used testing, even simple A/B split testing.

Anyway, 1 Shopping Cart knows this and they built A/B split testing of funnels into Upsell Express.

Okay, funnel split testing is pretty rough but it’s a start and much better than nothing! It would be interesting if you could integrate it with Google’s Website Optimizer (a much better split testing tool – it’s free, use it!);

To use 1 Shopping Cart’s split testing check the “Enable Split Testing” check box on the funnel page just create another funnel like we did above.

After you save your funnel, when someone buys the main product they will be put into the sales process funnel you define.

If you are split testing the A and B funnels will be shown alternately, that is, the first customer will see funnel A, the second will see funnel B, the third will see funnel A and so on.


You’ve got the offers and funnels and all that which is great but wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly how each offer and each funnel is doing, which are converting and which aren’t so you can make some changes to improve.

Well, 1 Shopping Cart provides some reports that show you an offer level view, a funnel level view and the a funnel flow view.

Finally there is a history view of all offer and funnels.

Benefits of Upsell Express

Let me summarize the benefits that Upsell Express adds to 1ShoppingCart.

Brings up and down sell capabilities to 1 Shopping Cart.

Adds a 1-Click capability on the up and down sells so the customer doesn’t have to re-enter their information.

Offers and funnels are easy to create and use with full control over the look of the offer pages.

Each offer is a distinct transaction so if people abandon the sales process or their credit card is declined everything before that is still a sale to you.

Adds funnel split testing

Provides useful metrics to allow you to analyze and fine tune your offers and funnels.

Seamless integration with 1ShoppingCart products

Questions Answered

While I don’t know everything about 1ShoppingCart’s new Upsell Express product I do know the answer to some questions so here is a list of questions with answer you might have:

Q: When will Upsell Express be Available?A: December 9, 2009

Q: How much will Upsell Express Cost?A: There are 3 tiers of Upsell Express:


Professional Package
















Free in Professional Version

+ $49/Month

+ $99/Month

You’ll note that if you have the top-of-the-line professional version, currently $99/month, you can create up to 10 funnels with one up-sell and one down-sell each for no additional cost.

Q: Can I Create a Long Sales Copy Offer Page?A: Yes, you can put as much HTML on the offer page as you want.

Q: Can I Put More Than One “Buy Button” on the Offer Page?A: Yes, you can put more than one “buy” and “no thanks” buttons on an offer page.

Q: Does it Work with 1ShoppingCart Recurring Payments?A: Yes, it works with all 1Shopping Cart Products

Q: Does it Work with Bundles?A: No, currently it does not work with bundles so you’ve have to make a product out of the bundle if you need that

Q: Can I Use Discount Coupons on the Offers?A: No, because of the name of the automatic 1-click purchasing there is currently no place for people to put in a coupon code for the offers; if you wanted to provide a discount you’d have to create a product or change the product sale price..

Coupons codes would still work on the primary sale product though.

Q: Does it Work with PayPal Payments?A: Yes, but since PayPal is not integrated with 1ShoppingCart the 1-click functionality wouldn’t work. This may change in the future.

Q: Does it Work with PayPal Subscriptions?A: No, currently 1ShoppingCart does not support PayPal subscriptions in any way. That, however, is expected to change in 2010.

Q: Can an Up or Down sell to a “Higher Version” of a Product Override a Previous Offer or the Original Product?A: No, since each transaction is unique and happens immediately there is not way to “undo” or “override” a previous transaction in the sales process funnel.

You could, however, make an “upgrade” product and price it so that it is the difference between the original product and the premium product.

For example, if you sold a $47 e-book and wanted to sell a Private Label Rights version for $77 you could create a new product for the Private Label Rights upgrade and price it at $30.

Q: Can the Offer Be Hosted on My Website?A: No, because the sales process funnel is part of a secure environment transaction it must be hosted on the 1ShoppingCart servers.

But since you have near absolute control over what is on the page, including the ability to upload images, videos, etc., this shouldn’t cause a problem.

The only things that can’t be used is scripting because of the potential for security abuses.

Q: Does it Work with Digital Download Products?A: Yes, absolutely. The download link for each offer will appear on the final thank you page (assuming you are using a 1ShoppingCart thank you page not your own custom page).

Q: What Happens if a Credit Card is Decline Within the Funnel?A: The funnel is immediately terminated and the thank you page is displayed.

Remember though that since each offer in the funnel is a separate transaction and is paid for immediately every successful offer charged to a credit card will remain a sale to you.

Q: Can I Split Test Within an Offer?A: No. While it would be good to be able to have different offer appear inside a single funnel, currently only complete funnels can be split tested.

Q: Will it Work with AMember?A: Yes.

Q: Will it Work with Google Analytics?A: Yes.

Q: How Do I Request New Features?A: 1ShoppingCart has create a “New Ideas” forum where you can suggest new features and also vote on existing requests.

1ShoppingCart has publicly stated that they will be using the requests and votes in the New Ideas forum as a major part of their future development plans.

Q: I am Not a 1ShoppingCart Customer, How Do I Sign Up?A: Go to

Q: Does 1ShoppingCart Provide a Free Trial?A; No, you can get a 30-day trial of the top-of-line Professional Package for only $3.95 by going to and clicking the yellow “Signup” button in the top menu bar.

Scroll down and select the last option “Trial”


Everyone should be doing back-end up and down sells, if you aren’t you are leaving money one the table, money that could be in your bank account.

Many people make the bulk of their money from that and use their front end product to get people to buy.

You can see this in some of the really successful 7 and 8 figure Internet Marketers.

The truth is that if you have something you really think will be of value to people who just bought one of your products you are doing them a disservice if you don’t tell them about it.

1ShoppingCart has a winner in it’s new Upsell Express and the saving in time, money and effort that alone is enough to justify signing up even if you aren’t a customer.

If you are a customer you probably should also consider upgrading your service to include Upsell Express.

Are you using up and down sells as part of your sales process funnel?

Are you finding you are getting a nice bump from offering them?

Have you struggled to use them?

Leave me a comment and let me know.

Talk soon,

The “Shameless” (but “Ethical”) Marketer

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O.O.Y. It is after November 30, 2009 so I need to remind you that I'll be getting a small commission if you sign up for 1ShoppingCart from the above link.


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