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What Good are Twitter Lists? My 5 Best Uses for Twitter Lists

Dec. 17, 2009 11:04 am

Are Twitter lists good for anything?

That’s a question lots of people, including myself, ask.

Some people say no, what do you say?

To answer that question I decided to put on my thinking cap, do some research and see if there are any good ways to use the list feature in Twitter.

The good news is, I found lots of ways how using lists would make my life and Twitter better, here is my list my top 5 ways:

1. The "I Recommend These People" List

The first list I thought of was a list people you recommend other people follow.

I always wonder this and I’ve answered the question from others lots of times so this seems like an obvious one.

For example, you could create a public list of the people you most respect in your particular niche or area of interest then people who follow and trust you will have a nice, easy to find list of people they would probably want to follow also.

Or they could take advantage of the feature to follow lists and just follow your list without having to go and follow each person.

I’ve heard of some people creating #FollowFriday lists and linking to them in their #FollowFriday tweets.

Doing this makes it much easier for you to maintain the list of people you are most interested in on a single topic and, as mentioned, it makes it easier for other people to know who to follow (and to follow them).

Plus, your recommendations won’t get pushed down in your tweets.

2. The "Sort of Interesting People" List

Similar to the list of people you recommend, this list is a list of people who you have some level of interest in, so your followers may also.

However, they don’t clutter up your main timeline with lots of not great tweets (or just lots of tweets or off topic tweets).

The main advantage to me is it cuts the clutter and makes Twitter much more valuable.

I can look at the “Sorta” list sometimes while focusing on my “a list” and my main timeline.

3. The "Get Good Web Content" List

Some people (like myself :-) have great content in their tweets.

Stuff that is interesting and important and things I want to know about.

If I add those people to the list I can then show them on my Web site, blogs, etc. as constant content.

The obvious advantage is that you have lots of fresh content that is highly relevant to your niche or topic.

A disadvantage can be that if the people in the list aren’t putting out good stuff it’s making you look bad and drive your visitors away.

If you need content for your website or blog, just create a list based around a specific topic, fill it with people who provide good posts, then add the feed to your site.

In effect, this allows you to use the list feature to aggregate the messages of certain people and display the real-time results on your site.

It’s a good alternative to displaying your own tweets on your site, especially if you don’t tweet that often.

Just make sure that you select the people on your list carefully, as their output will be published straight to your site.

4. The "Keep Up With Important News" List

I spend part of every day keeping up with the trends and happening in my niches.

I use some software to help do this but more and more people are using Twitter to communicate important niche/industry information.

It occurred to me that if I put all these people I usually listen to into a list then when they made a Tweet it would be easier for me to keep track of things and quickly focus in on the most important things.

5. The "Best Buds" List

This actually started as a way for a group of friends to easily stay in touch without the junk.

But it has evolved into having a variety of specific lists related to something.

For example:

A list of tennis playing partners, who is available when things are scheduled, etc.

A list of people in an organization I am a member and officer of. Actually this broke into two list one for the officers and board members and another for members.

It could be a list of really anything where a small group of people need to communicate directly, and privately, on some shared topic, event or organization, close family members, people working on a specific project, etc.


Once I started going I thought of lots of uses for Twitter lists but I narrowed it down to the top 5 I’m using now. They are:

  1. The "I Recommend These People" List: this is a list of people I recommend other follow. It helps me focus on my most respected sources.
  2. The "Sort of Interesting People" List: this is a list of people I get something from but not all the time and it’s not as important. It keeps the clutter out while still letting me benefit at times.
  3. The "Get Good Web Content" List: A list of people who consistent create interesting, valuable, on topic Tweets that I can then display on my Web properties. It give me frequent, fresh quality content.
  4. The "Keep Up With Important "News List: A list of people who provide important niche/topic/news. It helps me keep up to date with little work
  5. The "Best Buds" List: A list when friends, family, organizations, people with shared hobbies, etc. can communicate easily and privately. Make it easier to keep track of the various aspects of my life

How are you using Twitter lists?

What is the best list idea you can think of?

Leave me a comment and let me know.

Talk soon,

The “Shameless” (but “Ethical”) Marketer

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