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3 C's - The One a Day Formula to Success

Dec. 22, 2011 1:54 pm
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If you are any type of marketer then you need to be creating marketing campaigns. In fact, basically all you are is campaign creators and implementers.

No matter what your situation is, all campaigns should focus on one, and only one, of the 3 C's and every day you need to do something, anything, that is directed to one of the C's.

The important parts of the above paragraph is to focus on ONLY ONE C and to make this part of your every day process.

I emphasize this because it’s easy to feel like you want all the C’s.

And, focusing on one C will ultimately help get more of the other 2 C’s, but any campaign will be more much more successful than if you try to get more of 2 or 3 of them.

The reason for this is the goals you have, strategies you use, the techniques you implement and, in fact, the specific tasks you perform are generally different for each one and sometimes they are even at odds with one another.

By that I mean that sometimes the things you do that gets you more of one C will get you less of another (at least in the short term).

So, find the single most important, immediate objective of a campaign and focus all your efforts towards it.

I bet you’re wondering what the 3 C’s are...

There are 3 things you REALLY want which you'll build your marketing campaigns around.

You should always strive to get as much of each of them as you possibly can. They are...

Cash in Your Pocket

This C is when you want to make more money and the focus of this C is to maximize the amount of money you make.

Frequently this is for immediate cash – you focus on the “fastest path to cash” – but it can also be for, or include, increased longer term cash flow.

This is a targeted, deep campaign where you emphasize how much better their lives/situation would be with your solution and make sure there are multiple places and ways they can buy.

Therefore, you need to be doing something each day that gets you more cash. This can include:

  • Contacting existing prospects and customers
  • Finding and connecting with other people who have strong connections to people who would want your product or service and partnering with them. For example, if you have a solution for a health problem find doctors, nurses, health food stores, bloggers on the topic, etc.
  • Creating and/or distributing ads
  • Improving your sales letter or the Web page that you sell from
  • Finding people who will market your products and services for you
  • etc.

In general, when you implement this you need to go to where the buyers are and find ways to get your product or services in front of them.

2. Customers

The focus of this C is getting more people in the door, getting more “foot traffic”.

Of course, this could be actual people walking into your physical store or more people visiting your Web site.

This is a combination of a somewhat broadly targeted, although focused, campaign where you go deep in specific high value areas.

Each day, do something that is getting you more traffic to your store and your Web properties (both for online and offline). For example:

  • Have a contest or giveaway
  • Get more links to your Web properties
  • Update your social media properties like do some Twitter tweets, put something of value on your Facebook Fan pages, create blog posts, put a great tip on your Posterous blog – build or solidify a relationship you have.
  • Do some other search engine optimization to attract Google
  • Join and participate in a group or community, online or offline (like the Chamber of Commerce)
  • Send out an e-mail or a text message or a telephone call or direct mail piece or whatever about something that will be very attractive.
  • etc.

In general, find out where your prospective customers “hang out” and do something to educate, engage, involve, and entertain them; this will attract them to your online and offline "stores".

3. Celebrity

The focus of this C is becoming much more well-known in your market place/niche.

This is a very broad based but shallow marketing campaign where the goal is to get your name and/or product/service name known to as many people as possible; you just want massive exposure.

It’s a long known and proven fact that the more people who know of you and your products and services the more likely they are to check you out and to buy from you.

This is very apparent when you look at all the billions of dollars spent every year for celebrity endorsements.

When people see a celebrity endorsing a product they are more likely to think more highly of the product and more likely to buy it; this is true even if they particularly like the celebrity and, surprisingly, it works for some people even if they don’t like the celebrity!

Each day you need to be widening your exposure, for example:

  • Create and distribute press releases
  • Be interviewed as an “expert”
  • Interview a more well know person in your market niche
  • Write articles… for a local newspaper, a niche related group, for a guest blog post, to distribute to content sharing Web sites, etc.
  • Create a video and put it on YouTube and the other video sharing sites
  • Find a new group or community in your market niche and join and participate by helping members and asking for help yourself
  • Offer to do a free presentation (either a physical presentation or a Webinar) for someone or some group (local business group, popular blogger, local college or university, etc.)
  • Go to social media properties of well known people in your market niche and start a beneficial communication. Thank them, add something of value, retweet some of their tweets, like their Facebook pages, and so on
  • etc.

In general, every day you need to be taking specific action to get as many new people as possible to know about youand/or your products and services.

Know Your A.B.M.

Before starting any campaign make sure you know these 3 things (and create a list of them to use now and in the future):

1. Know Your Audience

Make absolutely sure you know who would have a need, want or desire for your product.

And do NOT say everyone is your customer because, unless you sell water or air, that just isn’t true.

Even if it was true, it will greatly dilute your marketing message and efforts and turn them into failures.

Start high level and then refine this into specific demographics.

Generally the more refined and specific this is, the easier they will be to target and the more successful you will be.

2. Know Your Benefits

You must know what value your product or service brings to a member of your target audience from their point of view; that is, what “problem” does you product or service solve.

This must be something that truly helps them "solve" something they want solved.

To do this take those needs, wants and desires and show the potential customer how your product or service fills their need and solves their problem.

So a benefit isn’t... a “carbon-tipped stainless steel drill bit.”

Nor is it “a way to quickly and easily make holes.”

It is “get that adorable picture of your children up on the wall” or “protect your family by putting in that deadbolt lock”

Another example…

A benefit is NOT, “help you eat less calories”

It is NOT, “help you lose weight”

It is, “look great in that bikini” or “get your life back after your heart attack”.

3. Know Their Minds

This is understanding how a member of your target audience thinks about the need/problem and, particularly, the solution that will help them achieve THEIR goal.

For example, someone might have a pinched nerve in their back that causes them a lot of pain and restricts their activities.

Some people might think of this as, and do a Google search for, in a variety of ways: “pinched nerve back”, “treatment for pinched nerve” “pinched nerve remedies”, “help back pain”, “sciatica”, “back pain relief”, “compressed nerves”, “pain in the back” or any number of different things.

While all those ways of thinking are related to what an ideal customer is looking for, understanding the way they think about it will help you properly attract the attention of the largest number of potential customers and maximize the return on the investment you make in your marketing.

This alone can have huge paybacks in the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and the number of customer you get.

Your Golden Take Away

The 3 C's is a huge topic and I’ve only been able to go into the topic at a high level but the important things to remember are…

Focus on ONLY one of the C’s in any specific campaign, no matter how tempting it is to do more, and be sure you do something every single day that make progress with that C.

Even doing just one thing a day will help you be much more successful over time.

Any questions or comments? Leave them below...

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