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Greg Carter
Greg Carter
During the past 20 years, I have explored most of the niches offered in the developing digital technology: multimedia developer, website developer, flash illustrator and animator. I have had clients in gaming, software development, and CGI feature film industries.


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Wall of Borgs

Apr. 7, 2010 12:17 pm
Categories: Cyberpig Projects

Back when I was doing 3-d modeling I did an advertising campaign for Acclaima Software. Acclaima made a software engine that would personalize graphics. It could draw textual information from a database or text submission field and incorporate it into a graphic in realtime.

So the idea for this image was that personalization was the anti-borg approach to life. So we have many borgs with one missing, and he or she, scrawls a message on the wall proclaiming individuality. The message would be personalized for the subscriber, drawing a name from the database, or from a text field submission.

"Borg Wall " the base image that shows the bubbles that will be occupied by eight different drones.

The base render was done in Bryce using several different terrain maps.

For those who are technically inclined, Below is one the terrain maps that I made and used. They worked pretty well. Send me a message and I can get you the rest of them.

If you use them, send me an email with how the result looks. I'm always interested in other uses for stuff that I have laying around. This is the terrain map of wires and stuff that was overlayed on top of the nine tiled windows shown above.

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