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George Bradt
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How Leaders Can Inspire Action through Compelling Storytelling

Mar. 14, 2012 6:42 am
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Great communication changes people. It changes the way they feel. It changes what they do. The secret to inspiring others is connecting an idea or a vision with a hope or a need. Great communicators leverage their message and story in one way or another to make a connection and compel change.

HOPEHIV’s Phil Wall inspired the audience at QlikTech’s annual meeting in January (which I attended). Phil told his story. But his story wasn’t about him. It was about the orphans and vulnerable young people that his charity helps in Africa. It was about the people that do the helping and about the people that raise the money to help. The 1,100 attendees at that meeting were compelled to action.

Phil’s story had the three essential elements of compelling communication:

  1. A platform for change that resonated with the crowd
  2. A vision of a brighter future to which everyone related
  3. A call to action that people accepted

Follow this link to read the full article on, and accept Phil's call to action.

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