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D Scott Angle
D Scott Angle
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Aug. 31, 2010 1:17 am
Simon Sinek has a simple but powerful model for inspirational leadership all starting with a golden circle and the question "Why?" His examples include Apple, Martin Luther King, and the Wright brothers -- and as a counterpoint Tivo, which (until a recent court victory that tripled its stock price) appeared to be struggling. In 2009, Simon Sinek released the book "Start With Why" -- a ...  Read More
Aug. 25, 2010 7:00 am
This is a well crafted short video that is an inspirational call to action . While you're not expected to follow the same dream, you would be hard pressed to watch this and not feel the urge to do SOMETHING... Watch, and tell us what you think...  Read More
Aug. 23, 2010 7:00 am
If desperation is the mother of innovation, then ignorance might be its father. In the early stages of a company, being protected from external influences can be a powerful stimulant for creativity and innovation. Why? For the same reason that we often see some of the most creative and entrepreneurial insights coming from younger people. Wisdom and experience help to grow and sustain a...  Read More
Aug. 20, 2010 7:00 am
Feeling frustrated at work, especially late in the day? Most of us feel this way from time to time. The challenge is what to do about it. Do what competitive divers do: get up on the diving board and execute a dive in which you excel. Then call it quits for the day. John Baldoni brings us a winning strategy for leaving you worries were they belong, at the office. The keys to this are: Take...  Read More
Aug. 18, 2010 7:00 am
This is certainly not a conclusive list, but it has been put together very well and carries a great message... Now I just need to find out all the different titles.  Read More
Aug. 16, 2010 7:00 am
“Your child has brain damage” is on the list of things you never want to hear, but in June of 2007 those were the exact words I heard just one day after my son was born. A few minutes later they told me that he would probably not live, but if he did, he would be in a wheelchair and could be mentally handicapped as well... This article by Katy from is a truly moving and...  Read More
Aug. 13, 2010 7:00 am
I would like to introduce you to Yvonne Ingley; a lovely, wise woman I have been fortunate enough to hear speak on several occasions. The last time she gave a presentation entitled: SORRY IS JUST A WORD.... an apology is a whole experience and she was kind enough to write it up as an article for me to share with you. I'm sure you will get as much out of this as I have, and it would be very kind...  Read More
Aug. 11, 2010 7:00 am
This is a very simple, but effective idea put forward superbly by Dr. Stephen R. Covey. I can't say that I'm always able to pull it off effectively, but then you can never be on target if you don't have something to aim for... Take three minutes and see what you think, let us know via the comments section below.  Read More
Aug. 9, 2010 8:38 am
As they have in the past when the economy has gone south, small and home-based businesses are becoming more popular — and cities are trying to help them prosper. Based on the number of licenses it's already issued to home-based businesses since January, Antioch is projecting a nearly 37 percent increase in these micro enterprises this year. Pittsburg has seen the number of home-based...  Read More
Aug. 7, 2010 5:45 pm
An oldie, but goodie: 1- Find the C below.. Please do not use any cursor help. ...  Read More
Aug. 5, 2010 8:21 am
Guy Kawasaki's "The Macintosh Way" empowers the very essence of understanding the principles of evangelism and doing the "right thing the right way" in business. This book and his other book "Selling the Dream" should be required reading for startup companies. Values and principles in business are the key to success. Guy's keen sense of humour and reference to examples of what did and didn't work...  Read More
Aug. 4, 2010 12:38 pm
We regularly hear a lot about active listening an how it can help your business or relationship with your partner, but one area that doesn't get as much attention as it should is how to LISTEN to your child. No just be heard, but actually listen actively yourself. I know that the video below is just a taster in a huge subject, but maybe it will help people to consider how easy it is to actually...  Read More
Aug. 4, 2010 7:04 am
It’s easy to mock an optimist, isn’t it? Those who hope for the best are scorned as “Pollyannas.” Bart Simpson mocks Lisa’s idealism. Lou Grant mocked Mary Richards in the newsroom. Voltaire enjoys many a knowing smile at the expense of his Candide. Yet optimism is one of the key strategies for overcoming fear, anxiety, frustration and skepticism in order to make a small business thrive, ...  Read More
Aug. 2, 2010 12:54 pm
Imagine Walt Disney at the age of nineteen. His uncle asks him what he plans to do with his life, and he pulls out a drawing of a mouse and says, "I think this has a lot of potential." Or Springsteen. In a concert he once told the story of how he and his dad used to go at it — how his father hated his guitar. Late one night, Springsteen came home to find his father waiting up for him in the...  Read More
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