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D Scott Angle
D Scott Angle
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Feb. 21, 2011 8:40 pm
If you're feeling overworked and finding it more challenging than ever to juggle the demands of your job and the rest of your life, you're not alone. "A lot of people are having a more difficult time finding balance in their lives because there have been cutbacks or layoffs where they work. They're afraid it may happen to them, so they're putting in more hours," says psychologist Robert Brooks,...  Read More
Feb. 21, 2011 3:40 pm
[caption id="attachment_1388" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Beat burnout by discovering ways to devote more time to the activities and people that matter most to you."] [/caption] If you're feeling overworked and finding it more challenging than ever to juggle the demands of your job and the rest of your life, you're not alone. "A lot of people are having a more difficult time...  Read More
Feb. 17, 2011 2:22 pm
Leadership doesn't have a user's manual, but Fields Wicker-Miurin says stories of remarkable, local leaders are the next best thing. At a TED salon in London, she shares three. Fields Wicker-Miurin wants to improve the quality and impact of leadership worldwide by discovering leaders in unique, local settings and connecting them with one another. Why you should listen to her: Fields...  Read More
Feb. 16, 2011 2:03 pm
Joining your life with another person's, until death do you part, is perhaps the biggest decision you can take. But once the vows have been sworn, the cake has been cut, and the honeymoon is over, what are the secrets of a lasting marriage? I want to thank Erin Kane for introducing me to The Art of Marriage by Catherine Blythe. Catherine is a witty author who has become a successful...  Read More
Feb. 11, 2011 2:24 pm
I came across this short post and just had to share it with you. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be a state of mind that lasts for long... ~ ~ ~ It cannot be said enough, this thing about three-year-olds liking to do household chores. I wanted to get the kitchen cleaned up (weird, I know, and rare – ask Scott). I could not convince Jonah to go play with toys and leave me to it. So, I set...  Read More
Feb. 9, 2011 2:28 pm
When it comes to time management, the easy question to ask is: What time is it? You can go up to most any stranger on the street and ask that question and he or she will have some idea at a good answer. The harder question is: What will I do with my time? In response to that people show their knowledge in three different types of responses: reactive - I do whatever comes my way...  Read More
Feb. 7, 2011 4:53 pm
Robin Sharma is an internationally renowned leadership expert and bestselling author, bringing us such title as The Leader Who Had No Title , The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari , and The Greatness Guide . I have personally gotten a lot out of his work, so I thought I would bring you his 22 Ways to Become Spectacularly Inspirational, enjoy: Do important work vs. merely offering opinions. Lift...  Read More
Feb. 4, 2011 4:19 pm
As a wonderful service to its readers has put together a compilation of some of the best parenting tips they have to offer. While the tips have not been written by a medical expert or a child psychologists they have been written by a parents. The key is to keep in mind that all children are unique and that there isn't only one parenting method or even one parenting method that...  Read More
Feb. 3, 2011 7:23 pm
I recently found a very touching article by Susy Raybon, of the Military Community Examiner, and just had to share it with you... In a move that is a bit unusual, the military has decided to retire one of their K-9 Marines and allow him to be adopted by the family of his handler. Machine-gunner, Pfc. Rusk, 20, was a member of the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment “Darkhorse” and was...  Read More
Feb. 1, 2011 4:03 pm
Earl Miller, a neuroscientist at MIT says, “ Success has a much greater influence on the brain than failure .” Ned Hallowell comments in Shine: While of course mistakes need to be acknowledged and, one hopes, learned from, it may be more likely, from a purely neurological point of view, that a person will learn more from a success than a failure.” Hallowell points out that acknowledgement...  Read More
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