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Debbie Josendale
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Website: Building One is Like Having a Baby

Mar. 14, 2012 3:46 pm
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by Debbie Josendale

A client called to tell me that her team was almost giddy as they reviewed the final version of their new website prior to go-live. Now mind you her team is a bunch of Doctors and the word giddy is not typically used to describe a Doctors behavior!

This got me thinking about the whole process of designing a website, and it struck me that it’s a lot like having a baby!

As a business owner, when you start thinking about building your new’s fun. You spend time imagining what it might look like and enjoy the dreamy experience.

Then suddenly you find out you’re pregnant! It happened; the project has started and a website is on the way.

From Conception to Reality...Your Website is on the Way

At 3C Marketing Group, we collaborate with our clients throughout the entire website development process. This creates an interesting experience. For example, my client shared that several of her team members were concerned at the start of developing the new site for their dental and vision practice.

The first phase is not what we would call’s more about an overall design, figuring out the content and a wire-frame layout. At this point, it’s difficult to know what your site is going to look like. You wonder “What have I gotten myself into?”

Suddenly, those feelings of excitement and anticipation have turned to cold-feet. But the wheels are in motion and business owners today, know that a website is a must have to grow your business. Turning back is not an option.

The middle of the project is filled with the ups and downs that are part of creating something new. There are moments of exhilaration when clients begin to “see” their website and understand how it will help grow their business. Followed by times of being sick and tired of the whole thing and feeling quite irritable. Just get it over with-OK?

Website: Delivery Day

Then the big moment arrives; your little bundle of joy is finally here with all the fingers, toes and eyes in place. You’re filled with a rush of positive emotion.

You feel giddy as you look into the eyes of your new website and see the perfect reflection of you and your business. In this moment, business owners realize it was worth the effort.

3 Tips to Guide Business Owners thru...The Website Development Process

  1. Developing a new website feels like riding an emotional roller coaster. For most business owners, the development of your website is personal. It’s a reflection of your marketing extension of your vision, values and what your business stands for in the eyes of your customers. Simply acknowledging this fact, will improve the experience
  2. Listen to your emotions as you go through the process. I realize this may be unfamiliar territory for business owners, but your emotions are a powerful barometer. They tell you if you're on track. The acid test...if you feel giddy when the final product is unveiled.
  3. Realize that just like having a baby, the arrival of your new little bundle of joy website is only the beginning. You have to continuously feed and nurture your site so that it reaches its full potential to grow your business.

What do you else is building a website like having a baby?

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