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Todd B Carlson

Todd B Carlson

I have been involved in commercial software development for 20 years. Currently concentrating on C# and ASP.NET. In my free time I am attempting to rebuild an all wood Lightning (sailboat).

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After leaving the University of Wisconsin, I decided to pursue a career in the technology field. Those early years will filled with miscellaneous technical support and sales positions. The sales positions never really suited me well and I needed to find a different avenue.

My software development career really got started working with Arrow Companies. With Arrow I was part of the team building systems to handle thousands to millions of EDI transactions per day, both for Arrow's own fulfillment warehouse as well as it's EDI Service Bureau customers. After years of building in house systems, I was drawn to commercial software development. Commercial software was appealing to me as I believed it had a much greater potential for growth.

That realization caused me to leave Arrow and join Legal Files Software, Inc.. When I joined Legal Files we were just beginning to build the company's first Windows product as well as moving to a client-server technology. With Legal Files I worked on the core Windows product as well as their innovative replication technology.

I was drawn away from Legal Files by the idea of warmer winters away from southeastern Wisconsin. Bob Butler convinced me to come and work for Time Matters Software. Shortly after joining the team at Time Matters, the company was acquired by LexisNexis. While working for both Time Matters and LexisNexis I had the opportunity to really expand my skill set. In addition to working on the core Time Matters product, I was the lead or a team member on projects such as:

My time with LexisNexis taught me one very important lesson: large, matrix organizations are not for me.

When I had the chance, I went back where I was comfortable - in a small, agile company. As the Chief Technology Officer for Best Thinking I am wearing many hats. I am responsible for selecting all of the technology pieces we use, both for development and in house use.

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