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Mike Dailey

Mike Dailey

Mike Dailey is the owner of, an Information Technology consulting firm specializing in the design, integration, and management of Internet website and security technologies. He can be reached through the claroPoint website at

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Mike Dailey

  • Cisco Certified Security Professional (CCSP)
  • Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) and Certified Design Professional (CCDP)
  • Over 15 years of experience in enterprise data network and data security architecture design and implementation
  • Hold current and active security clearance

Technical Skills

Cisco enterprise routing and switching technologies

  • Cisco 6500, 4500, 3700 and 3500 switching platforms
  • Cisco 7200/7600, 3800, 2800 and 1800 routing platforms
  • Cisco WAE, WAAS, ACNS and ACE application networking platforms

Cisco voice-over-IP technologies, converged network design and integration

Cisco security technologies, systems and implementation

  • PIX, ASA, FWSM security appliances and modules
  • VPN technologies, hardware, and software
  • IDS/IPS appliances and systems
  • Network admission control and endpoint security solutions (ACS, NAC, CSA)
  • CiscoWorks, Cisco Security Manager (CSM) and Cisco MARS network management platforms

Cisco Unified Wireless design and implementation

  • 802.1a/b/g/n wireless technologies
  • 1100, 1200, 1500/1520 series access points
  • Cisco 2100, 4400, and WiSM wirelass LAN controller platforms
  • Cisco Wireless Control System (WCS)
  • Cisco Wireless Location appliance and location-based services

Data security technologies

  • Checkpoint firewall systems and VPN architectures
  • Intrusion Detection/Prevention (IDS/IPS)
  • VPN technologies and solutions
  • PKI infrastructure, X.509 digital certificates
  • SSL, PGP, biometrics

Internet web systems and services

  • IBM WebSphere, Portal, and Commerce platforms
  • Microsoft IIS, Apache, Tomcat web server platforms
  • Internet mail connectivity, mail flow, and mail security (OWA, Postfix, SendMail, UCE/anti-spam)

Database systems, clustering, implementation and support (Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL)

Microsoft Windows Network Operating Systems and services

Red Hat Linux Network Operating Systems and services to Shut Down Permanently on December 31, 2017

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