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Jay A Blum, MBA

Jay A Blum, MBA
Lake Spivey, GA USA 

Twenty-two (22) years of experience leading corporate marketing and internal communications for multimillion-dollar companies across diverse B2B. B2C, and C2C industries. Respected leader of creative teams, public relations and marketing divisions as well as analysis and optimization departments.

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A Doctoral Candidate in Business Administration with Marketing Specialization, from Walden University, was born in Philadelphia, PA in January of 1970. Jay is a veteran marketing consultant with more than twenty-two years of experience. Jay’s marketing expertise draws on a broad range of experience that has helped him analyze market dynamics and translate them into effective marketing strategies for major corporations, governmental agencies and foreign governments to name a few.

Throughout his career, Jay has been instrumental in establishing market-leading brands, creating marketing and awareness campaigns that have resulted in significant new revenues and in opening new markets. Jay is a frequent contributor to industry publications and has spoken at numerous industry events on the topics of marketing analytics, new media optimization, the role of social media in customer service and innovative brand management strategies.

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