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Drew J Stevens
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Dr. Drew's Monday Motivation - Bring Sunshine To Your Life

Mar. 25, 2012 4:45 pm
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Monday Focus – Where I live we have had an unseasonably short winter. Spring is in the air as flowers and trees are beginning to bloom. I caught myself this weekend as I was conducting some spring cleanup thinking about regeneration and rebirth.

Did you ever think about how spring sometimes epitomizes our lives? We get the opportunity to plant new things, and smell the gorgeous flowers. What about life? How many times do you take the opportunity to plant new seeds and regenerate your life? We get so absorbed by the vitriol of life we never get the chance to renew our lives, our souls and our direction.

If we continue to conduct the same issues over we never get the chance to enjoy the wonderful life we have. We need to think in terms of spring. We need to put away those “cold” thoughts and replant now for new opportunities to come.

Monday Motivational Quote – “There's a rebirth that goes on with us continuously as human beings. I don't understand, personally, how you can be bored. I can understand how you can be depressed, but I just don't understand boredom.” - Dustin Hoffman

“Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush.” ~Doug Larson

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