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Drew J Stevens
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What's Killing Your Practice

Mar. 15, 2012 8:25 pm
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I was in my office conducting a coaching session when I heard my wife in the other room engaged in an argument. Once completed, I asked her whom she was mad with and why. She informed me that in the recent four months our mutual bank account had been hit with a simple but erroneous nine-dollar charge for accounting software. It is software we never ordered nor wanted.

The anger ensued when the agent on the telephone refused to make the change requesting that I too speak with the agent. Since this is a joint account there was no reason to speak with the agent and according to my wife she was not only becoming bureaucratic but belligerent about speaking with me. As the belligerence increased so did the anger. It was at this point my wife requested speaking with a manager. Get this the agent refused.

It was after much convincing that the agent then called for a supervisor however as she went to switch off to her manager. She left her microphone “hot” and let out the “B WORD” about my wife!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen many people are bantering about egregious firms and the recession hurting business growth. While I will agree there is validity to this argument there are also other things affecting business – bad people and a lack of customer attention. Many companies forget that they are in business for one reason – customer acquisition.

Too many owners think in terms of profit when they really need to focus on customer acquisition and retention. A lack of customer service for your firm will ruin your business.

Secondly, not enough business owners really know what their people say and do. A sincere lack of good hiring skills will kill business. For example I have stood in lines at busy sandwich shops during a lunchtime height and employees walk off for a break. I have visited offices where the wallpaper has more interest than the receptionist.

If your business is not doing as well as you like perhaps a good look at your people and practices is in order. Forgetting to review these important issues can kill your future growth.

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