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What Do I Choose? Independent, Associate, or Solo Practitioner?

Feb. 23, 2012 6:00 am
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With so many graduating from chiropractic schools there is a large decision to be made upon graduation – independent, solo practitioner or associate. The answer to this question is based largely on one criteria-Do you have enough business savvy to create a practice from the ground up?

Chiropractic is like any other business. Opening a practice will take time and most of all money. Sometimes it is best to become an independent or associate so that you can learn the best practices of operating your own practice before venturing out yourself. Well that at least should be the game plan.

The concern offered here is that if you are venturing off to become an independent or associate then you must request the most important item from the practice’s principle-mentorship. Let’s face it whether you become an independent or associate and depending on legal agreements, you will be required to pay fees to the practice. This payment offsets expenses such as front desk, chiropractic assistants, telephone and electricity etc. However, in most cases this means up to 30% of your gross earnings. Realistically you are as much a part of that practice’s success as the principle. Therefore it is imperative you learn the ropes from someone you can trust.

Additionally, mentorship also includes full assistance from the practice’s staff. No one should ever tell you that “the principle signs the check” or “we work for him.” When you hear such phrases the alarm bells should ring and your antennae should raise warning you that you are not in a collegial relationship.

There are practices whereby many independents and associates become partners for years. Yet there are others where the relationship is adversarial. You need to interview the principle just as much as they interview you. Seek those willing to mentor, coach and council. Seek those you can learn from not those willing to use you as a secondary source of income. The relationship must be one of patient and money mastery not monetary dispensary.

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