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Drew J Stevens
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Business Nightmares!

Feb. 21, 2012 6:00 am
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There are so many inefficiencies in business that allows us all to see the fodder in business. I travel frequently and I am always amazed at the poor hiring, poor service and even worse poor management. Here are some reflections from the past month of watching Business Nightmares.

  1. During a recent trip to Las Vegas I visited the Business Center to print out my boarding pass for the return flight. I was told that the center charges .79/ minute with a $3.00 minimum. My fee $4.15! What happens in Vegas is ridiculous.
  2. During the same trip I needed my usual morning jolt so I stopped by Starbucks and paid $4.79 for a Venti for what typically costs me $2.39 in Saint Louis. I guess the water and importation of beans to Las Vegas must be more expensive. I will check my geography to determine if they have import taxes!
  3. For my wife’s birthday I purchased her an iPhone. While reviewing the recent telephone bill there was an array of charges I did not order. When on the phone with the customer service agent, I was told the sales people do this constantly for commissions. So my question, where is the quality control if this company constantly has to reverse fees from stupid and egregious sales representatives?
  4. I enjoy reading some of the stupidity behind those that are self proclaimed experts on the social media channels. Recently I joined one of these professional groups where one members profile stated thusly, " Window Cleaning Professional - Business Coach for Service People.” Really and I have some real estate I can sell you in the Galapagos. And people are concerned with Internet censorship.
  5. The recent tragedy in Italy with the cruise ship is a perfect example of poor leadership. Usually the captain is to remain with the ship, in this case the captain is a mealy mouthed chicken. The captain needs a lesson in ethical leadership.
  6. Why is it that most people starting a business fail to review the top three business criteria, a) demographics, b) value c) message. Business fails when there is a lack of focus. The customer must be focused on from sunrise until sunset. They say in golf keep your eyes on the ball, so why in business do you look at everything else?
  7. A friend of mine does some philanthropy for a local university when recently the program director said to him that they wanted to track the number of hours worked. When managers feel the need to micromanage, there is a lack of trust and respect. And when this occurs the business relationship needs severing. This is the single largest issue with managers and employees today. There is no relationship. Individuals do not leave companies they leave, narcissistic, untrusting, unethical and really stupid managers. The next time an employee leaves, you might want to look in the mirror before asking “why”.

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