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Chiropractic Marketing Success Tips

Jan. 31, 2012 2:00 am
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Chances are if you are reading this you are curious about how to get new patients into your practice. Did you ever wonder why it seems so easy for some and yet from time to time you tend to struggle with this issue? Are you curious if the other chiropractors have some magic formula for attracting patients or are just darned lucky?

You will find it interesting to know that when it comes to chiropractic marketing there isn’t such thing as luck. For any chiropractor to be good at getting patients requires tenacity, patience and the mindset to become the leader of a tribe. Chiropractic marketing requires chiropractors to create enough visibility that allows them to create community. As prospective patients familiarize themselves with current patients, they speak to each other. This creates a level of trust, respect and excitement. As the enthusiasm develops it creates patient attraction much like your attraction to a brand.

Take David for example. David is a chiropractor for well over six years. He was struggling to see just 20 patients per week. Then he decided to become involved with his community. David became engaged with sports teams, the police and his local church. Within just five months and with his interaction in these groups his patient volume increased by 202 percent because the more people he met the more wanted to visit with him. He now has a sustainable and thriving practice.

So you are probably chomping at the bit to do the same here is how it is done:

  • Community Involvement – There are numerous ways to become involved within the local community. This includes the local Chambers of Commerce to volunteerism at sporting events (coaching, striping fields, etch) to community and association watches. The key here is to become intimately involved so that neighbors get to know you. The emphasis here should be on interaction. There are many groups that seek volunteers or desire member fees and these will suck your time and your wallet. You must have two goals; 1) constantly engaging with others and 2) paying it forward. When you make it all about you no one will want to interact so you need to be of the mindset to give and then receive. Most importantly, do not rush this endeavor this will take some time to develop.
  • Think Like The Leader of a Tribe – For you to develop community to engage new patients you need to think about who your perfect patient is? In other words from a demographic perspective who are the people that you treat? Where do they go? Where do they shop? What social and business groups do they belong to? Once you have this down on paper, begin to match those places with those of interest to you. For example if you treat mostly men ages 45 to 63 that are physically active, might you find them at the Elks, Rotary or Lions Club? Do they exercise in a specific park or fitness center? Once you determine the location, begin to visit where they are or ask a current patient to invite you. If you want to lead the community you need to visit the members.
  • Remember the Referrals – The most underused business tool are referrals. Referrals are your current patients method of illustrating their admiration for your value. Think of your new iPhone or iPad (and if not your new Android phone) once you learned to use it and love it you wanted to shout out to the world. Chiropractic care works similarly. Your current patients will want to tell others of your service but... you need to constantly ask them. Simply state, “As you know, the bedrock of every business is the admiration and support from clients like you. Business is built on the foundation of clients who appreciate the value that we provide. I would like to ask you for the names of three to five friends, colleagues, or peers who might be in need and appreciative of the value that I can provide to their organization.” The sweetest sound a chiropractor will ever hear is a happy patient informing a new one of your value.

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