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James Scott Bradley
James Scott Bradley
Sr. V.P. of Employee Benefits for Cook, Hall & Hyde, Inc. and an employee benefits expert specializing in developing creative solutions to managing healthcare costs.

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Feb. 29, 2008 10:35 am
NY Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo is investigating United Healthcare and has suboenaed 16 other health plans including Aetna, CIGNA, Humana, and Well Point a subsidiary of Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield to determine how they calculate UCR. UCR is the usual customary and reasonable payment made for medical services rendered outside of the insurance carriers network.  We have all experienced...  Read More
Feb. 29, 2008 8:26 am
Google CEO Eric Schmidt formally introduced Google Health partnership and pilot with the Cleveland Clinic this week at the HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) conference in Orlando, Florida.    John Moore of Chilmark Research writes great article on Goggles PHR introduction to the market.  Click here Marissa Mayer, VP, Search & User...  Read More
Feb. 28, 2008 3:15 pm
Corporate wellness programs must comply with the DOL final wellness program regulations.   Are you meeting the 20% rule? Is the wellness program part of the group health plan? How does a plan determine whether they are in compliance with the new Regs?  Click here for more information.  Read More
Feb. 28, 2008 1:36 pm
Target Click Here Walmart Click Here  Read More
Feb. 28, 2008 1:19 pm
Employee Benefits News, October 2007 issue has an interesting and promising article promoting HSAs as a way to supplement retiree healthcare coverage.     Click here for more information.  Read More
Feb. 28, 2008 12:57 pm
This article I wrote discusses the innovative and integrated CDHC options that offer solutions to the steadily increasing healthcare costs in America.   Click Here  for article  Read More
Feb. 27, 2008 3:16 pm
Despite the election-year rhetoric, it is unlikely that our elected officials will be able to deliver a healthcare policy anytime soon that will stabilize costs. But employers can take make an impact on healthcare costs by embracing worksite wellness initiatives. These have proven their effectiveness at addressing one of the major cost drivers of healthcare:  lifestyle choices.    ...  Read More
Feb. 23, 2008 11:50 pm
Human capital accounts for up to 90% of your corporate assets.  Your success in this world economy is contingent on the performance and productivity of each and every employee.  With an aging work force and age being a significant risk factor associated with health and disease your compromising your ability to compete today and tomorrow.  You must consider closely a Corporate Wellness...  Read More
Feb. 15, 2008 4:24 pm
Highmark's program and has shown that employers can save $1.65 in healthcare expenses for every dollar spent on a comprehensive wellness program.   Click here to read more.  Read More
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