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Clay Westfall

Clay Westfall

Clay Westfall, retired from the world's finest Navy, MBA, writer (the jury is still out), father of five, currently employed as a stay at home dad.

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Clay Westfall is retired from the Navy after twenty-two years. In that time he served on submarines, destroyers and in the Persian Gulf for several years. After retiring in 2005, he finished up his Masters Degree in Business Management, and took on a brand new field as a stay-at-home dad for the unexpected son that came along. Soon, he and his wife Olga decided that they could fit a couple more chairs under the dinner table, so they adopted two more boys from Ukraine. Since he was tied down to the house anyway, Clay decided to try his hand at writing. Now, after self-publishing six books (so far) he still isn’t sure if he is a writer or not. I guess time will tell… to Shut Down Permanently on December 31, 2017

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