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Richard Reisman
Richard Reisman
I have been working on advancing new services for people across the broad field of connectivity since long before the Web –- powerful interactive tools and media for human communication, collaboration, knowledge work, commerce, and entertainment. Teleshuttle is the company I develop my work through.
Jul. 27, 2010 10:31 am
Travel guides on smartphones and tablets (like iPad) present an nice example of some of the richly flexible kinds of pricing behaviors that become feasible with FairPay, the radically adaptive pricing process. I call this FairPaynomics because of the interesting business and behavioral economics issues it creates. One aspect of FairPaynomics is how FairPay can enable nearly unlimited access to...  Read More
Jul. 23, 2010 4:42 pm
I have started a new blog for my latest project, which I think is very exciting, and will be posting more actively there. This project is called FairPay, which is a radically new adaptive pricing process that I think has great potential, and both business and intellectual interest. I also have a mini Web site devoted to FairPay. Repeating the first post from the new blog: ...  Read More
Jul. 13, 2010 4:45 pm
FairPay, my radically new spin on Pay What You Want pricing (PWYW), may be especially timely for the music business and the video game business. It offers a way to encourage fair levels of pricing while giving buyers a high degree of freedom to set their own price. The music business has been turned upside down by the challenges of Internet distribution and related piracy, to the point that...  Read More
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