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Dorothy Jane Mills

Dorothy Jane Mills

Dorothy Jane Mills is an author, editor, consultant & speaker who has written numerous sports history, historical fiction & children's books. As the widow of baseball’s leading historian, Dr. Harold Seymour, she was his co-author in the classic series on baseball history they wrote together.
Many people new to vegetarianism miss meat. People like Dorothy Seymour Mills. When Dorothy’s gallbladder removal left her unable to digest meat, she set out to create recipes to help people make the transition into vegetarianism, a transition that isn’t always easy. Meatless Meat: Recipes for Meat Substitutes teaches traditional eaters how to make their vegetarian meals seem much like the...
Meatless Meat: Recipes for Meat Substitutes
After uncovering many nefarious plots of the German Third Reich, Austrian-American designer Katya Becker continues her life of adventure in The Treskel, Dorothy Seymour Mills’s final historical novel in the Katya Becker Trilogy. Agreeing to help her lover, Professor Adrian Paul, spy on the Fascist parties of Germany and Italy to aid the American Embassy, Katya meets the notorious Mussolini and...
The Treskel
Katya Becker returns to a life of intrigue, espionage, and ancient myth in The Labyrinth, volume two of the Katya Becker trilogy. Working alongside Eleanor Roosevelt, Katya again travels to Europe, where she befriends Countess Harriett Walderdorf and meets Hitler’s mistress, Eva Braun. When Miss Braun invites her to the Berghof, Katya comes face-to-face with Adolf Hitler himself and learns of her...
The Labyrinth
Katya Becker, an Austrian immigrant living in the United States in the 1930s, returns to her homeland to investigate two ancient symbols from a prehistoric salt mine in The Sceptre, volume one of the Katya Becker trilogy. Once in Austria, she uncovers a Nazi plot to find a mythological sceptre with enormous power and must navigate this dangerous atmosphere to find answers. As Katya continues her...
The Sceptre
Dorothy Seymour Mills steps out from the shadows of unrecognized authorship to describe in fascinating detail her journey to become the first woman baseball historian. Mills’s experiences as a woman working in a predominantly male field from the 1950s to the present day bring to life her legacy and that of her fellow women baseball writers. She also delves into America’s relationship with its...
First in the Field: My Journey as the First Woman Baseball Historian to Shut Down Permanently on December 31, 2017

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