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R Allen Shoaf
R Allen Shoaf
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Eleven Theses Against the Right-Wing, Fascistic Destruction of America

Dec. 3, 2017 1:47 pm
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Eleven Theses Against the Right-Wing, Fascistic Destruction of America

1. In no sense can America be called Christian. In flagrant violation of the teaching of Yeshua, who came "not to destroy but to fulfill" the law, "thou shalt love the lord thy god with all thy heart and thy neighbor as thyself," the current fascistic tyranny makes a mockery of this fulfillment of the law, its motives everywhere revealing hatred, racist hatred especially.

2. Murder resides at the heart of the fascistic tyranny, who are prepared to murder tens of millions of Americans, especially Americans of color, in order to strike their tyranny into the heart of the Constitution and the American ideal. The quantity and the brutality of the murders that have begun to emerge all across America in recent years are but the merest symptom of the disease now destroying the homeland.

3. The Republican Party has consciously and willfully become the party of the destruction of America. Murder is its modus operandi and disdain for the rule of law is its character.

4. Every vicious exploitation of media, what I castigate as DIGITALIA, from fake news to idiot-o-logical claims of “objective truth” (which only serve savage materialism's totally subjective greed), can be instantiated in all contemporary political machinations but most especially in those of the Republican Party and its subversion of the Constitution to install autocracy.

5. The Republican Party’s support of Gun-Nut-Itis, the cancer in the American brain, has contributed to the murder of schoolchildren, the elderly, those who are in church worshiping, physicians, teachers, workers, and a host of other innocent and UNARMED helpless.

6. The Republican Party turning a deaf ear and blind eye to pedophiles, violators of women's bodies, and hypocritical patriarchs who crucify the teachings of Yeshua by beating their wives and children mercilessly to bolster their own fragile egos’ gross insecurity, effectively isolates and identifies the Republican Party as the avowed enemy of the spirit of liberty that inspired the founding of America.

7. The self-evident ascendancy of greed producing multi-billionaires and, soon enough, trillionaires has generated a culture of inequality and inequity that can only lead to destruction of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Effectively establishing a sick, febrile royalty identical to the sick, febrile royalty from which the founders of America fled in the 16th and following centuries, the fascistic corruption of America has completely overturned the very justification for the existence of America.

8. As tyranny becomes more and more blatant and self-gratulating in its episodes of murder and destruction, the hatred that motivates it increasingly shines a dark and lurid light on its psychotic appetite to enslave any and all but self-appointed superior beings. In this lurid light, it is clear that the West lost (the so-called) WWII because it could not extirpate Fascism.

9. The last chance the Western world had to redeem itself may well have occurred in the teaching of Yeshua, “the kingdom of god is within you.” Now Fascism, violently literalizing the teaching of so-called Christianity, seeks to establish a kingdom in the world, of the world, and for the world, where the world consists only of the self-appointed superior beings who do not hesitate to murder those who will not bow down to them.

10. The right-wing, fascistic refusal to recognize the damage being done to Gaia the earth by the burning of fossil fuels, over-harvesting of the oceans, and systematic, illegal suppression of alternative sources of energy condemns the next generations of human beings across the entire planet to an existence of misery and slavery, which is the ultimate goal of the autocracy now destroying America.

11. The ongoing suppression of all forms of resistance, from the crippling of the Internet, to the monopolizing of newspapers and television stations, to the burdening with monstrous debt of those who would try to effect any change in the quality of life for ordinary human beings, to the absolute monetarization of all human relationships, predicts the ascendancy of fear, hatred, and murder which serve autocrats whether in Russia, China, Syria, or America. The only question that remains is the one that Roman Cicero asked not long before he became a victim of imperialism and its tyranny, ”Cui bono?”: Who profits?

Thomas J Donegan
December 7, 2017 at 2:12 pm
Addressing Shoaf's Theses Two and Three

Here we continue our response to Professor Shoaf's blog-post: "Eleven Theses Against the Right-Wing, Fascistic Destruction of America" Professor Shoa's theses are italics.

2. "Murder resides at the heart of the fascistic tyranny, who are prepared to murder tens of millions of Americans, especially Americans of color, in order to strike their tyranny into the heart of the Constitution and the American ideal. The quantity and the brutality of the murders that have begun to emerge all across America in recent years are but the merest symptom of the disease now destroying the homeland." Allen Shoaf

We respond: Allen, a “thesis” ought to take the form of a logical premise, don’t you think? This is another instance – Allen - whereby you allege murder animates the souls of some vague group of Americans that hate people – particularly ‘American people of color.” Your logic is well, not logical…? A vague group of haters - their hatred is ascertained/assessed and/or determined by your subjective i.e., sentimental, judgment, (such is our guess since you offer no demonstrable concrete – even anecdotal - evidence) – are somehow going to alter the ‘U. S. Constitution,’ and the ‘American ideal’ by their vicious miens. How can an aggressive action alter a principle? Is it possible to alter the cardinality of – say the number “2” through violence? No! Mathematics is an objective science, unlike say Psychology which changed its view regarding homosexuality under pressure from homosexual lobbying groups in the early 1990's (see Paul C. Vitz: Psychology as Religion, 2nd edition pages142-144); all the lobbyists in the world, with as much violence, hatred, and murder as they could muster will not alter actual science; nor change principles or ideas; it may alter subjective human acknowledgment of truths, particularly those which deny objective truths and objective reality. "Science" - in the hands of a lab-coated ideologue - is a tool for social/economic/political change...

How is ‘the murder of tens of millions of Americans, especially Americans of color” going to alter the U. S. Constitution (We think the Amendment process is clearly delineated in Article V of the Constitution…) or any of the ‘American ideals’? What exactly – Professor Shoaf – is the ‘disease now destroying the homeland?’ Is it - in your opinion professor Shoaf - preferable that human action is prompted viscerally, or from moral impetus? Now there is an irony in your assertion: "Murder resides at the heart of the fascist tyranny." The social-political Left has advocated for abortion - on demand - since before the 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision of SCOTUS; more than 60 million innocent intrauterine infant humans have been systematically murdered, driven by the ideology the social-political Left shares with the fascist of WW II, and shares with Stalin's USSR, and Mao Ze Dong's Communist China and other such murderous regimes. The American social-political Left differs in their method, and degree, but is animated by the same principles as History's most blood-thirsty regimes... So it is ironic that you write of "murder of tens of millions of Americans, especially Americans of color." Abortion claims mostly "people of color" (a fulfilled dream of Margaret Sanger; she - good Leftist that she was -specifically wanted to murder black human infants...) and its acceptance is organized from the insidious "philosophy" (ideology) of the University, through which the culture is framed and from whence culture is derived; if one wishes to alter the culture, alter the University. And, yes Allen, abortion is destroying and has been destroying the homeland...

We end our response to thesis 2 here; we include thesis 3 below...

3. "The Republican Party has consciously and willfully become the party of the destruction of America. Murder is its modus operandi and disdain for the rule of law is its character." Allen Shoaf

Response: When – in your opinion, Allen – did the Republican Party cease being the “Party of Lincoln?” And isn’t it interesting that the Republican Party - which acted to abolish slavery, in contradistinction to the Democratic Party - is regularly pilloried as racists by Democrats, to include Democrats which formerly were Grand Kleagle of the KKK (West Virginia Democrat Senator Robert Byrd when alive)? What is/was the “America” that is being destroyed? How is it that you know that the Republican Party is consciously and willfully seeking America’s destruction (Have you been made privy to a secret plan of the Republicans? If so, why not share that information with law-enforcement and the Press?)? To what end? Is the rule-of-law – which the Republican Party disdains – grounded in principles of morality e.g., “…the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God,” or in the subjective human will? We think it is - although we are not Republican (Federalism was the Founders ideal, and actual Federalism can only be realized through the repeal of the 17th Amendment) - the Republican Party is much closer, in act and principle with the Founders and the Founding documents. Repeal of the 17th Amendment - among other things - would place a check upon the Federal Judiciary (a simple majority of House and Senate members can restrict appellate Jurisdiction of Federal Courts, and a Senate appointed by State Representatives would allow impeachment of Justices...), and return balance to the 3 "co-equal" branches of Government... Another consequence from the repeal 17th Amendment is that the Party's would be less political, and Government would be more diffuse; States would assume the major role in a typical citizens life; the Federal Government would gradually shrink, as its prerogatives' would be returned to the States.

So we have established - by principle and the circumscription principles warrant - that your fears of murder an lawlessness reside principally i.e., by principle, in the Democratic Party and the social-political Left.

We will take a break for the day (haven't been to bed yet, up all night; got off work almost 6 hrs. ago), but we will try to address your other theses; perhaps after a nap...

Take care Allen,



Thomas J Donegan
December 7, 2017 at 10:49 am
A Response to Professor Shoaf's 1st Thesis

Hi, Allen/Professor Shoaf!

We will answer each of your “theses” consecutively; each of your theses presents an opportunity to possibly edify; thus each warrant separate responses, although we may combine several in a single blog. We address your first thesis first... We apologize for the dilatory response; we would have been more prompt, but the mid-night shift tends to trim this salt's sails...

Eleven Theses Against the Right-Wing, Fascistic Destruction of America

1. "In no sense can America be called Christian. In flagrant violation of the teaching of Yeshua, who came "not to destroy but to fulfill" the law, "thou shalt love the lord thy god with all thy heart and thy neighbor as thyself," the current fascistic tyranny makes a mockery of this fulfillment of the law, its motives everywhere revealing hatred, racist hatred especially." Allen Shoaf

Response: We agree that the United States is not a Christian Nation (today it is very much anti-Christian), although the Country/Nation - at its beginning - could not be understood apart from Judeo-Christian principles; although Christendom was the dominant worldview, unrivaled for roughly 500 years since Aquinas death in 1274, was under axiomatic assault (the intellectual decline – which began in the early 14th Century with William of Ockham and nominalism; thus began the vitiation of Christendom); coincidently - with the American Founding – Christendom was incipiently introduced to Immanuel Kant through his 1781, first edition of: The Critiques of Pure Reason. Kant's epistemology and systematic "philosophy" set the table for the rise of, and the age of ideology (such was not Kant's desire or design... Kant attempted to rescue Western metaphysics, but that which he inherited had little in common with that which Saint Thomas had posited; consequentially Kant restricted metaphysics by subordination to an a priori epistemology); among the sundry ideologies was fascism. Ideology is a product of the human mind separated from grounding in objective morality.

We know personally of an individual that was able to discern the logical implications - all by his lonesome, post his obligated duty to the United States Navy, where he self-taught logic - as all Electronics Technicians must do - when Dr. Williams (An English professor) asserted: "There are no absolute truths!" Dr. Williams was flatfooted (one may describe him as speechless) when the un-educated former serviceman drew the inferences for him. As this student left class - having been called to war against nihilism, he wondered why the good Doctor collapse like a "house-of-cards?" It took a bit of extra-curricular reading, considerable study and many more such interlocutions with sundry imperious professors - and all the 'sharp-tacks' epigones vying to emulate their beloved pedagogic iconoclasts that filled the various Academy Chairs - for that student (as the rather dull individual that he is...) to come to understand... But, enough about the good-ole-days...

Your ascription - Professor Shoaf - of fascism to the social-political Right in the United States only seems to find common ground in the Trumpian Right's advocacy for economic Nationalism i.e., the Right which embraces Trump's America 1st, want what economic advantages may be garnered for the USA via tax and trade policy. What is missing from Trump's governing - thus far – to be fascist is the Government of the United States would need to coerce businesses to accord with bureaucratic fiat regarding social, political and economic concerns; such was the case with the Obama Administration. Additionally, Trump would need to use the Government of the United States – and it coercive Agencies – to favor certain groups and citizens while harming others; again in imitation of Obama policies and practices. Thus far, the Trump Administration holds all citizens to an equal treatment under the law… And the Trump Administration is daily working at undoing the coercive tactics and mechanisms which Obama enacted, enacted mostly by executive orders and bureaucratic appointments. That said, we can understand how unsettling it must be - for the sentimentally ordered – to witness equal-treatment before-the-law of those which they (the sentimentally ordered) feel are “deplorable” and in need of punishment… Damn that Donald Trump! He seems – in act – to agree with Lady Justice!

Jesus Christ (Yeshua) in asserting he was not here to abolish the law, he is indicating that the Jews had gotten parts of the Law and the Prophets wrong e.g., divorce (Moses allowed a decree of divorce because Moses thought it better that men divorce their wives than to arrange for their wives to die though arranged accidents; since marriage was "until death do us part;" the heterodox Hebrew was a practical man that knew how to alter an unbearable situation (yes, they were eliminating i.e., accidently-murdering their wives…)… Jesus re-establishes marriage as sacrosanct and irrevocable... Similarly, Jesus makes it clear that stoning a woman for adultery is not only contrary to "though shalt, not murder," it is laying God. How could a dead person ever change - reverse - their path? Jesus intimates that none are beyond redemption and salvation… What we can know from Jesus not addressing salient social-issues of today e.g., abortion and sodomy the Jews correctly understood the law regarding those practices, as contrary to God's Intention/Will. The gospel message of Salvation is - according to Jesus - close to living the 2 Great Commandments (paraphrased) - 'Thou shall Love the Lord thy God with all they heart, all of thy mind, all thy strength.' and 'You shall love thy neighbor as thyself.' Matthew 22:37.

Hatred Professor Shoaf is willing/seeking - or have surrogates, harm others; this would include maligning others… What evidence do you have that particular individuals – that may be located, or may locate themselves on social-political Right – are seeking the harm of others, particularly desiring to harm “people-of-color?” My guess is that you are expressing a sentiment, and thus are judging by appearances…? This runs smack dab into Christ’s injunction in opposition to unjust judgment, viz: “Stop judging by appearances, but judge justly.” John 7: 24. Now on the chance that you know one, or two individuals - possessed of malice for minorities, from which generalize and then paint the social-political Right with such a broad brush - you rob those which you so paint of their dignity as individual humans i.e., in homogenizing these people you not only malign them, you render them “not human.” Moralists understand such conduct as immoral. Now if these people signed on to a Platform that sought to do objective harm (e.g., to murder the disadvantaged as in abortion) to minorities then you would actually be just in your homogenization i.e., one may assert all that support the Platform of the Democratic Party are in favor of murdering infants for they subordinate the child’s life to other interests for which the support the anti-life Platform (pro-choice, is pro-murder; intrauterine babes and inmates of Auschwitz each are problems to be solved via murder); instances such as that are unambiguously objectively wicked/evil, not sentiment! Additionally, as Chesterton observed - in contrasting paganism with Christianity: “Christianity meant that the sinner was loved more, but the sin was hated all the more, as well (sin imperils souls and society; it is why God – in giving the Israelites the “promised land” they were instructed not to intermarry or interrelate with pagans; of course they disobeyed God, and embraced pagan gods e.g., Baal, and pagan rituals e.g., child-sacrifice)…

Now you also argue that the Government of the United States is presently a “fascist tyranny.” We will take that you mean the Trump Administration…? As already stated, Trump is surprisingly lawful, and is actually attempting to reduce Government coercion of the American citizen; perhaps that is irksome for those which – not seeming capable of influencing average Americans via intellectual discourse – rely upon Government to enact and mandate a social-economic agenda amenable to social-political Leftists sentiments. It must be truly horrible to witness POTUS Trump dismantle all of Obama’s fiat’s, but such is to be expected when a President (Obama) disregards the will-of-the-people, represented by elected Representatives – and enacts an agenda pleasing to the minority social-political Left; an agenda that could not have been realized via a legislative process. Trump is making the Government of the United States less fascistic, and more laissez-faire…

The divide which exists between the social-political Left and the social-political Right is the respective divide between modern philosophy and classical/medieval philosophy... Such a divide is - again, respectively - one where a priori presuppositions render metaphysics a contingency of an epistemology where either all realities are subjective ascriptions of the individual consciousness (thus the “realities” rather than Reality; the former flows from Kant the latter represents the Aristotelian/Aquinas Perennial Philosophy from whence all human knowledge is derived), and/or nullification of consciousness i.e., consciousness is viewed as a chimera, and denied altogether through some embrace of a form of materialism. Thus, the social-political Left's worldview/s is/are at-bottom irrational, arrogant and ideological. The social-political Right's alternative weltanschauung is rational i.e., reality is intelligently ordered and a contingency of an intelligent creative agent i.e., God.

We cannot assign individuals to the social-political antipodes because people are not generously homogenously one thing - or of one view, but we can speak to individuals and groups advocacies!

The adherent on the social-political Right needs to conform to an intelligent objective order and natural law; such order and law presuppose God. Creatures - by definition – possess a nature/essence in potency (also a form/eidos); the actualization of the potency is the formal-cause pointing towards the final-cause. For humans a.k.a. rational beings (creatures which assimilate knowledge via abstracting natures-in-relation through experiences) – in potency – becoming ordered to the natural law is to be fully rational i.e., appetites/sentiments are limited and ordered to the natural law, the law of reason… Few ever achieve moral ordering – in part, because one needs to be apprised of one’s end, today very few know what virtue is, much less advocate encourage its development… Nevertheless, the social-political Right is the repository of classical philosophical understanding, and from whence sentiments and appetites are encouraged to be limited by moral principle. Those of the social-political Right have feelings/emotions and appetites, but are not possessed by such; those on the Right – because the truth is independent of their sentiments – seek truth, and know sentiments occlude the moral vision, thus the need for virtuous souls to impartially judge… “Humilityis the active pursuit of and deference to the truth (particularly moral truth) and then acting so as to conform one's actions to what directive truth mandates.

One that subscribes to the principles of social-political Left generally apotheosizes their sentiments, because - in contradistinction to Special Agent Fox Mulder - the "truth is not out there!" The individual – who has rejected objective reality – assigns to that which is what meaning they will. Such people are generally quite irascible because they are the center of their reality and the only god they worship. Consequentially, the social-political advocate promotes neither moral comity, nor moral amelioration, but personal expedience masked as an advance for the disenfranchised... Such is the logical implication of selfishness, and such is ineluctably how a soul must be ordered that rejects objective reality and its attendant objective moral principles... Such people – and such personalities are insuperably imperious, or if you will, tyrannical or despotic. Such personalities – if they hold power – punish what, and whomsoever they can/may with whatever means they may… We could develop the characteristics more fully, but we think most can imagine (and have likely experienced) what unpleasant churls such “angry attenuated gods” animate the selfish soul - untethered from objective-reality - can show themselves to be…

In addressing your remaining 10 theses, we will attempt greater brevity... We think a bit of laughter may be good medicine for you, Professor Shoaf, thus we recommend Gary Larson's: Night of the Crash-Test Dummies and one of Bill Watterson's Calvin & Hobbes collections: Weirdo's from another Planet!

Have a good day, Allen!


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