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Angus Brownfield

Angus Brownfield

I’ve been a lifelong wanderer: Los Angeles, Berkeley, Ashland, OR my longest stops. I wandered through several careers too, manager and technocrat in the main, and have gained enough wisdom along the way to do what I was meant to: write—mainly novels—which has lead me to . . . BestThinking.

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Bricoleur: it’s a French word without a ready-made English translation. A bricoleur is one who puts together a needed item from whatever is at hand. Think of an everyday sort of Rube Goldberg.

This is what I am. I put together writings from the things at hand in my experience, from my joys and pains and wonderments. I write novels mostly, and you may quarrel with novels being ‘needed,’ but they are. My novels may not speak to your heart and mind, but if you’re someone with whom I’d care to sip tea or down a beer, some novels at some time have made you think and made you feel. I hope you will give mine a chance to do that.

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