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Courtney Enzor

Courtney Enzor

As Communications Director at BestThinking, I look forward to facilitating open, engaging dialogue on our site. I also enjoy studying Southern American literature and William Faulkner.

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As Communications Director at BestThinking, I look forward to facilitating open conversation and thoughtful discussion on our site. I enjoy making connections between various fields of study and am excited by the capabilities BestThinking provides for cutting-edge dialogue.

I completed my B.A. degree at Peace College in Raleigh and later earned an M.A. degree in English at North Carolina State University. My studies concentrated on English and American literature, culminating in a capstone project entitled “Missing Mothers and Proxy Parents: Surrogacy in William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying.” This piece explores the concept of maternal substitution in Faulkner's work. I am passionate about education and have enjoyed teaching grammar at a local college. Additionally, I have worked as a professional writer at a marketing firm where I created training materials for product launches.

In my spare time, I enjoy interior decorating, yoga and amateur radio.

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