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Hobbit Bothering For Beginners

Mar. 12, 2017 7:46 pm
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I never did like Tolkien much,

Found his prose ludicrously prolix,

And dull.

I found the Golden Age posited

More than a little worrying,

Summoning up an authoritarianism

At odds with my own notion of freedom

And community.

I avoided the classics,

With their own fearful gravitas,

Preferring the margins,

Where I continue to dwell,

Mopping up the regal overspill,

Lees from the aristocracy.

I’ve no doubt Tolkien’s intentions were noble,

But therein lies the problem.

There are no Golden Ages.

No Kings or Queens worth much

No supernatural order running the show.

The only ring I am enthused about is the one I’ll wear

Six months from now,

For very different and no less golden reasons.

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