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Sean Urquhart
Sean Urquhart
I am an experienced writer who has worked across a variety of mediums including: screenplay, script editing, prose, poetry,and novelization. I am particularly interested in psychogeography and the scope it gives both academics and creative writers to effectively trade elements of their fields.


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Dyscalculia Blues

Mar. 7, 2017 10:26 am
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I can’t quite count two battleships

But I can count the ways I love my partner

I could never contemplate a diminished fifth in music

May as well ask me to play a dinner plate

But I can keep a beat four to the floor

And more

It was that bastard Morrow the maths teacher from Hades itself

Abandon hope all who entered his class

Who finally ruined my early joy of numbers

And so, I retreated to words

Words were more flexible somehow

No right and wrong polarities,

Grammar aside

I still struggle with figures

But swapped the blues of dyscalculia

For the verdant greens of noun, verb and adjective.

Music is no string of cosines for me

Like words, I play by ear.

And can just about count two battleships

As long as they’re not too close together.

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