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Various Unearthings

Jan. 29, 2017 3:18 pm
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Failure to communicate...

The death of the senses...

The long, dark night of the senses...

And then...

...The long, dark night of the soul...

...Which is where one finds the essence...

The Real...

Is The Real actual?

...These deaf, dumbed-down and blindsided kids...

Eyeshades on...

Atomised carriers of disease.

Aware and yet signally unable to remove the caul,

The pall,

The End?

And yet not......


We span the aeons,

Us maddened daughters and sons of Adam,

The Red Man.

The red earth,

Loch Ness with its Kraken,

Localised and dormant. Sleeping soundly.

But not forever.

Forever is no time at all.


We sleep through the baptism of light,

No fire,

No Who Are You,

No wines of deception.

And so to bed,

And so to bed,

To sleep,

The sleep of a deep and dreamless nature,

From which some will not awaken from.

And the covers are raised,

The sheets are lifted from the body

And so it is time.

It is time.

All we have is time

And nothing else.

The dark night of the senses:

And now into the light

As Spring has sprung.

As The Green Man strikes his cane of sweet Hazel

Onto the ground

And we awaken from the long slumber of Winter.

Sweet the rose,

Sharp the thorn,

Cruel the sea,

And often stern the shore,

Brave the one that sets the course for Albion.

And in Albion it is said that Jerusalem was built,

Blake in his visions,

Jean Marat practically expiring in a Tyneside dwam.

John Martin and his Apocalyptic view,

Turner seeing the fires of The Clyde,

Shipyard sons and daughters,

Becoming wraiths in the March air,

As the grey hare races,

On the shores of The Tyne.




And so we awaken from the dark might of Winter,

To the energy rush of Spring.

To the finding of the light within,

Within us all.

Bless us,

All of us.

All of us.

All of us.

Now and forever.

Forever and a day.


As light descends from the heavens.

Perigee to apogee.

Winter to Spring.

The balance is struck.

The divide is breached, finally...

And we walk into joy,

And step into the light.

And on and on,

Into the light..

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