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Love doesn't need words but it helps

Nov. 26, 2016 8:00 pm
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I was retching as you fed cats

and checked up on the endless social media feed.

It's long established that I'll be unwell

at least part-time,

like my work

love, however is a full-time

non-gig job.

We're making memories

as we watch the Scottish play

in a dingy room above an old boozer

and are transported to a blasted heath

with a delusional megalomaniac

providing the entertainment

even if you didn't understand the florid, ancient prose,

we held hands

and later both complained about sitting for long periods of time.

I am ageing faster than I wanted to,

but I still have that electrical charge

when you stroke my neck

that ageless hard to voice connection

our scottish-dutch coupling

often at odds

but still smiling in the morning

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