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Sean Urquhart
Sean Urquhart
I am an experienced writer who has worked across a variety of mediums including: screenplay, script editing, prose, poetry,and novelization. I am particularly interested in psychogeography and the scope it gives both academics and creative writers to effectively trade elements of their fields.


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Jul. 29, 2012 11:04 am
The necessary ill feelings towards the self had been sloughed off. No need to rake over the bones of one's previous life, or lives. The tap on the shoulder and the acknowledgement of our shared neighbourhood in a foreign city was 2 minutes of dispelling myth and banished any residual self loathing left in the tank. Happy hours spinning into an illuminated pathway towards The Tyne Bridge and a few...  Read More
Jul. 29, 2012 10:47 am
My insanity is madder than yours. I am more extreme, angrier, more passionate, warlike, gentler, empathetic, more prolific, caring, full of hatred and capable of creation and destruction than you and by this token capable of godlike greatness. Unwise words, scrawled on a beer mat. Either totally marginalised, or simply mad. Driven mad by a indifferent populace, a partner, a family dynamic. Or...  Read More
Jul. 27, 2012 7:43 am
The clothes betray the years, As does the need to be youthful, Defying the advancing years, Denying the wisdom that age should carry.  Read More
Jul. 27, 2012 7:37 am
It was in the patronising put-downs, Deep-frying everything, Plus a national booze endemic, And a truculent attitude. Whingeing, For its own sake, Football as a religion worse than any I know, Domestic violence to rival junta-run banana republics, Wha's like the poetry goes, Self loathing as the reality shows, Confidence firing a series of blanks, As we clog our arteries and...  Read More
Jul. 26, 2012 8:44 am
Pipe bombs for breakfast after an altercation with a culture misunderstood. A culture denied by a western creep, A loony visionary Western adventure. Bodies piled high, Whilst the deadly hush in Wootton Bassett, Signals a failure to communicate, Sons of Empire, And future Para-Olympians, gather whilst the tabloids mock the disabilities not gained in a phony war. The toothless protests...  Read More
Jul. 26, 2012 8:38 am
Flying colours, Standards raised in peacetime, Hampden Park an unlikely battleground. The hated neighbour's beacon unfurled, A few childish tantrums, Before an uneasy peace is restored. Typical of the Olympic fiasco, in the so-called Free World. Kim Jong-un must be lapping up the idiocy, as his peasants starve, as our serfs read gutter press and spew out sentences of hatred as...  Read More
Jul. 24, 2012 12:42 pm
The darkness is visible, Internal, External, The dawn is hours away. Breath is shallow, Fitful, sleepless, Awake, Aware, Alone. 100mgs. Tramadol. Sledgehammer synthetic opioid. Head magnetically attracted to pillow, Daymares about the coming catastrophes. Physical wreckage, Wear and tear, Medics passing the buck. More inertia, More inertia. Sometimes a little death of ambitions,...  Read More
Jul. 23, 2012 5:58 pm
It was an odd affair, Paranoia, the reds under the beds febrile state of mind, Betrayal of an almost fictional sort. From a remove of years it still perplexes, An odd vision of hell on earth and then the departure of both combatants Combatants that were unaware of the fray itself An odd affair Reminded me of my own petty conflicts and the fact that I had never really stitched anyone up ...  Read More
Jul. 23, 2012 12:40 pm
Never as intelligent as one seems, Easy pushed into insanity with an unkind word, Sensitive to the point of exclusion, From the hellish schemes of the weekend warriors, Those workers liberated for a short spell of self harm, Poison on the shelves, Hidden in the optics, On draught, And in designer bottles. Never as easy as it seems to free one's self from the yolk, Of one's own petty...  Read More
Jul. 22, 2012 11:51 am
A hand flies over the keys, A phone insinuates static in a dying conversation, Overwhelming noise, Overwhelming concrete prose, Dull aching, Dull aching, No tears for the lost years, Yesterday saw the loss of more brain cells, Propping up mortal remains, And smiling as the life flows out, And smiling as decisions are made on your behalf, By somnambulists. And the screen insinuates...  Read More
Jul. 22, 2012 6:28 am
It's more than just a name, An uncommon valour, Born of contempt, For a decadent regime. The Metro took me to more than just a destination, It took me to a state of mind, That all of us could embrace. Uncommon valour, More valuable than any sign, Any post-modern semiotic babble, RIP to the man of the hour, In the last war that mattered, Or was vaguely just. From a safe remove, ...  Read More
Jul. 19, 2012 10:24 am
That was it. The look. The sizing up. Muscles flexed and the medulla nudging towards the bestial. A bad day for humanity. Another noise-up in a crowded mind. And now the wait: For release, For death, For any favour, To end this charade I heard the skirl of the bagpipes and I was in Both Bellevile, Paris and back on the streets of Newcastle. Continental sweats. Arthritic daze.  Read More
Jul. 19, 2012 10:21 am
3' by 3' A resting place next to the zip zip zip of work-related idle chatter a wave from the derelict amidst the stifling looks understated jetstream of babble Paris juxtapositions just as bi-polar as home the phone box as home I am alive just as he though my vainglorious bluster and angry bile defeats most days defeats action too many hours preening one's ego Enervating,...  Read More
Jul. 5, 2012 11:23 pm
Window offers limited perspective double glazed hermetic glances nothing stilled and dulled senses atrophy of brain and body Window offers escape double glazed portrait of the slowly moving seasons insinuation of industry traffic traffic City Road ill health keeping one awake as senses fail where emotions overwhelm a welter of too-early morning critique well-meaning, but failing...  Read More
Jul. 5, 2012 10:45 pm
I was wheezing in the humid night, pain insinuating its way through my arthritic centres. Reaching for an asthma reliever and downing a Tramadol, I stopped and murmured a secular orison to our so-called socialised health care system. All my prescriptions were provided free of charge when I was on social security benefits. Even now, as a self employed writer on a pittance, I receive some limited...  Read More
Jul. 2, 2012 10:01 pm
I bought the tobacco and the booze even some food when you could stomach it The courtroom was rank with class conflict a human comedy with no relief they chased you to madness and I watched, sickened I ordered the taxi and then walked off into the hinterland never saw you alive again and now find myself talking to my reflection find myself adrift wishing it was me that had taken...  Read More
Jul. 2, 2012 9:56 pm
Keeping the tension up the fear the chain smoking relief time out of pocket on the lam in the margins painted into obscurity a Soviet portrait altered by Beria's mob Painted out into the opaque of nothingness Maybe that was the point all along The fear was mere entertainment the death was swift enough and strangely peaceful a sofa just this side of Christmas a heart that had given...  Read More
Jul. 1, 2012 8:35 pm
I didn't ask you I really didn't I'm just in for a quiet drink I don't even think I could help you anyway I didn't ask you, mate Yes, that's the way I am Not anyone else I'm just trying to keep my head out of others' affairs Why pick on me? I didn't ask you, mate So why the soliloquy? Anyway, it's your round, mate A therapist has to paid even in here  Read More
Jul. 1, 2012 8:32 pm
The first trip blurred traffic rabid dog paranoia traffic sunburn new worlds opening and closing before the fall the loss of innocence Italy Ireland and I  Read More
Jul. 1, 2012 8:30 pm
Guns and plots were bandied about boats were boarded books were written continents were enslaved and yet we still repeat hoary old cliches about nationhood and clans Rogues indeed that's who we were  Read More
Jul. 1, 2012 8:28 pm
Just a few words, casually dropped into cocktail conversation words spoken elegantly lopped needing momentary translation when will the meaning emerge? when will the deluge of phrases barter a response? It was ever thus nothing means that much outside of context The paving stones were raised nothing beyond soil and imagination nothing but invented and actual history The ground...  Read More
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