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Rebecca Barker

Rebecca Barker

I was born the day after Christmas in 1944. We were "High-Holiday-only" Jews; the Christmas tree was artificial, white, and adorned with the Star of David. I was an only child in an already small family, so I was the star of the show. A dubious role indeed. It wasn't until l was an adult that I realized I'd had a complicated childhood. My father dropped dead in front of me when I was 9. My mother's parents moved in that night. In spite of being a double amputee, Grandma dominated our home from her wheelchair. My childhood: literally death, dismemberment, and my mother—a social-climbing drunk. I’m shocked I turned out okay—you will be, too. I've always done best when I've followed my heart and laughed in the face of convention. I currently reside outside of New York City, close enough to catch the energy of the city, with my husband and my guilt. I spend my days in hot pursuit of more stories for the funeral.

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guilt, laughter, tears, irony, Jewish, haiku, divorce, dancing, anger, food, memories, alcoholism, bungee jumps, parenting, memoirs, Argentine tango, marriage, children, money, sex, in-laws, blame, responsibility, parenting, divorce, family, food, resentment, resignation, high school, love, blogger, Mary Janes, death, mother, Great Danes, control, running, Mercedes, nail salons, friends, betrayal, dating, internet, empty bottles, independence, Caribbean, violence, spaghetti, desperation, photographs, psychiatry, reality, saviors and other myths, cab driving, ice cream, sadistic behavior, weddings, humor, jobs, exercise, Captain Cookie, remorse, Tango shoes, security, insecurity, Chappaqua, hair color, hysterectomy, affairs, empty bottles, radio personalities, parking spots, cleaning girls, colorists, manicures, fat tuches', costumes, traditions, passports, sailing, wills, lawyers, separate beds, stationary bikes, selling (out), throwing (out), shaping (up), resolve, flight, failure, success, euphoria, depression, food, feet, cops, Rochester, NY, sexual aids, attics, cartoonish characters, big machers, shame, lust, ghost writing, pick-up trucks, absconding, aborting, absolving, nightmares, pipe dreams, fantasies, possibilities, realities, fabrications, fathers, daddies and other things expunged, grandparents, legacies hand down and going forward, resilience, resolve, amputations, shuffle off to Buffalo, mahoghany, birthday cakes, silk shantung, plaid glasses, pigtails, moonlight, Christmas trees, bat mitzvahs, shame, squalor, 14 carat gold, Vodka, diamond brooches, mink stoles, convertibles, doctors, lawyers, dubious intentions, wet-your-pants funny stories, fabulous tales, sorrowful recollections, pillow fights, crowbars, elephants decolletage, Lanz nightgowns, birthday presents, Christmas trees, swollen eyes, hilarious laughter, irreplaceable memories, haunting memories, weddings, dolls, letters, vindicative behavior, hilarious pranks, revenge, recrimination, broken heart, broken spirits, good intentions, stupendous success, over-kill, raising codependence to an art-form, carnivals and the artiste in pink supp hose, woulda, coulda, shoulda......



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