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Jonathan D. DeViney is currently en route to completing his economics education at The Pennsylvania State University. A five year enlisted veteran of the US Navy, he was both born in and is a resident of Metairie (unincorporated central New Orleans), Louisiana and is managing editor of
Thinker Since: Mar. 10, 2017
Doug Marman: Technologist; Co-founder of a start-up on artificial intelligence; Chief Technology Officer of a $1.7B division of General Electric; Inventor with more than thirty patents. Marman has written, lectured, and lead classes on the exploration of consciousness for more than forty years.
Thinker Since: Jul. 10, 2016
Dr Graham Bowpitt obtained his PhD on the history of social work from Swansea University. He is currently Reader in Social Policy at Nottingham Trent University, researching responses to homelessness and multiple needs, with a particular interest in faith-based initiatives.
Thinker Since: Jan. 5, 2016
Lindsay Boyd is a writer, personal carer and traveller originally from Melbourne, Australia. He has visited more than sixty countries and lived and worked in a number of them. As a writer he is principally a novelist though he also writes shorter pieces, fiction and non-fiction.
Thinker Since: Dec. 5, 2013
I, William W. Buisch, graduated from Kansas State University as a veterinarian in 1970. I worked for the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service of the United States Department of Agriculture. I served various positions including Assistant to the Deputy Administrator of Veterinary Services.
Thinker Since: Aug. 14, 2014
Clay Westfall, retired from the world's finest Navy, MBA, writer (the jury is still out), father of five, currently employed as a stay at home dad.
Thinker Since: Jul. 24, 2014
A retired Electrical Engineer now working as an independent wisdom researcher.
Thinker Since: Mar. 5, 2014
Roger Hopkins Burke is Principal Lecturer in Criminology at Nottingham Trent University. He has published widely in the areas of criminological theory, criminal justice theory, young people, crime and justice.
Thinker Since: Feb. 13, 2014
Philip Wane is a lecturer at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) and is a recipient of both institutional and national teaching awards. He has recognised expertise in the impact of high-technology (Hi-Tech) on society especially in the areas of Criminology, Sociology and Higher Education.
Thinker Since: Feb. 12, 2014
Yaqub (Paul) Murray received his MPhil from Bath University in Educational Research. Current interests include Toxic, Destructive and Narcissistic Leadership. Presently lectures at the Royal Agricultural University in the UK in Organization Studies, HRM, Management Learning and Qualitative Research.
Thinker Since: Nov. 10, 2013
Have had various jobs prior to serving 30 years with UPS most of it in Management. These jobs consisted of Driving a Royal Crown Cola Truck, Janitor, Laborer at the Pennsylvania RR, Shoe Factory Work. Construction Laborer, Apprentice Electrician and serving 2 years in the US Army.
Thinker Since: Jul. 7, 2013
Kevin Patrick McCarthy is a Colorado dramatist, poet, and geologist.
Thinker Since: Jun. 29, 2013
Ian Glendinning is a BSc (Aeronautical Engineering) and a MBA both from Imperial College, London. After working in Aerospace, Ian spent 25 years in Engineering in the Oil, Gas and Energy business. The past 10 years Ian has been focussed on better knowledge models for governance and decision making.
Thinker Since: Jun. 10, 2013
I am a renegade, renaissance, Hawaii surfer poet who loves to think, experiment, and create radically outside the box. Born and raised in Hawaii, I am currently homeless trying to publish a series of articles on my homeless experience on Maui, which I will combine into a ebook "No Shame".
Thinker Since: Apr. 24, 2013
Jim Taylor, Ph.D., Psychology, is internationally recognized for his work in the psychology of business, family, and sport. He is an adjunct professor at the University of San Francisco, the author of 14 books, and a regular speaker to audiences around the world. Visit
Thinker Since: Apr. 19, 2013
Roy Jones is a retired design engineer, who has written around 140 short stories, around 40 novellas and 4 novels. His web site, which carries all of the S.S's for free, is
Thinker Since: Apr. 17, 2013
BA Stony Brook U. with focus on contemporary anthropology, homeschool father for past two decades, preclassical and amodal jazz composer, writer, illustrator, cellist, pianist, guitarist, meditator. Previously in real estate sales in Manhattan and appraisals, nationally.
Thinker Since: Mar. 26, 2013
CB Wilcox earned her PhD in molecular biology and biochemistry after many years as a high school chemistry and physics teacher. She lives in rural Pennsylvania, is married to a wonderful physician and is occupied with the duties and responsibilities of raising two children and avoiding housework.
Thinker Since: Feb. 28, 2013
Children's book writer who also enjoys reading and writing sci-fi/fantasy stories.
Thinker Since: Feb. 27, 2013
Angie was awarded an MFA in 1992 and taught Acting and worked professionally until 2004. She was comatose after a car wreck in 2004 and as a direct result of experiences during and after developed projects found on her website
Thinker Since: Feb. 24, 2013
Taylor Tyler received his B.S. in Public Relations from East Carolina University. He currently works as a freelance writer for online publishing mediums.
Thinker Since: Feb. 19, 2013
Jan Maxwell is a freelance writer and private tutor. As a tutor, she specializes in preparing high school students for college admission. Her writing has appeared in a wide variety of print publications and online sites, including a career E-Book which she published in 2006.
Thinker Since: Feb. 9, 2013
Professor, author, performance artist, motivational speaker
Thinker Since: Feb. 7, 2013
Freelance and creative writer, seeking to add gender/social justice into adventurous, action, and thought-provoking pieces on contemporary issues, spicing up such tales with empowerment tools, tactics that feed, encourage deep change. A believer that STEM is SSTEM, favoring Big Data social sciences.
Thinker Since: Jan. 28, 2013
Donald Norris, Jr. is an adjunct professor for Lenoir-Rhyne University, Gardner-Webb University, and Gaston College. Norris teaches Psychology courses. Norris also owns a tutoring business called Norris Tutoring. He is an actor, model, songwriter, and rapper as well. He has a Master's in Psychology.
Thinker Since: Jan. 12, 2013
Christopher W. Smith is an independent film maker, writer and editor. He is also a Director of Live Event Production. He has written and produced two feature length films and numerous short films for the web. He currently resides in Bentonville Arkansas with his wife and daughter.
Thinker Since: Jan. 22, 2013
Tiffany Lewis, crim just student special concentration, juvenile delinquency . interested in study of, juvenile criminal behavior data. For the purposes of creating theory,so i can in turn create programs with significant positive impact on juvenile delinquency. i write non fic/fiction crime novels
Thinker Since: Jan. 14, 2013
Tim Bowman is the Head Writer at Michael Israel Inc. Tim also maintains a steady flow of Freelance work from various sources and is the father of six wonderful children.
Thinker Since: Jan. 11, 2013
Professor Stuart Campbell received his B.A. from California State University, Sacramento and his M.A. from the University of California, Davis. He teaches at Santa Rosa Junior College and the College of the Redwoods, Mendocino Coast Campus in Fort Bragg.
Thinker Since: Jan. 10, 2013
College educated, B.S, MBA. Small business entrepreneur, Published author. Interested in the state of human affairs. Dedicated to animal welfare.
Thinker Since: Jan. 9, 2013
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