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Kevin Patrick McCarthy is a Colorado dramatist, poet, and geologist.
Thinker Since: Jun. 29, 2013
Travel, Hawaiiana, Biography, Poetry, Wildlife, Children's writer. Living in Hawaii with M.S. degree in Creative Writing from Denver University.
Thinker Since: Dec. 30, 2012
PhD Rutgers University 1959 Graduate School of Oceanography, Univ. RI 1959-1992 Professor Emeritus, Univ. RI 1982-present
Thinker Since: Dec. 4, 2010
BS in Geosciences, minor in hydrology from University of AZ in Tucson. 1 year as GIS Analyst/hydrologist for AZ Geological Survey, MS from Vanderbilt University in Earth and Environmental Sciences. Currently program director for Cumberland River Compact
Thinker Since: Jun. 25, 2010
Undergraduated student at the University of Greifswald.
Thinker Since: Feb. 2, 2010
Dr. Christine Butenuth Dipl. Geol., PhD, DIC, FGS, CGeol is currently a director of First Steps Ltd. in London.
Thinker Since: Dec. 19, 2009
Dr. John C. Ayers received his Ph.D. from Rensselaer in 1991, and is now a Professor at Vanderbilt University.
Thinker Since: Oct. 21, 2009
David Letson is Professor of Marine Affairs and Economics at the University of Miami. His research focuses on the economics of extreme weather and climate variations. He is interested in the value of predictions from the geosciences and in how those predictions are interpreted and used.
Thinker Since: Oct. 15, 2009
VP & Dir of R & D for Micro-Bac International, Inc.,and Adjunct Assoc. Professor at University of Texas at Austin. Author of Bwana Doc Adventures. Published numerous technical papers. Member of American Society of Microbiology, Society for Petroleum Engineers, PADI.
Thinker Since: Oct. 10, 2009
President, Transdyne Corporation, Ph.D.-nuclear chemistry, post-doctoral-geochemistry and cosmochemistry, noted for: nickel silicide inner core identification, nuclear georeactor generation of the geomagnetic field, whole-Earth decompression dynamics, thermonuclear ignition of stars by fission
Thinker Since: Jul. 21, 2009
Ann Bykerk-Kauffman received her PhD in Geosciences from the University of Arizona in 1990. She is a professor with joint appointments in the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences and the Department of Science Education, California State University, Chico.
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