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Doug Marman: Technologist; Co-founder of a start-up on artificial intelligence; Chief Technology Officer of a $1.7B division of General Electric; Inventor with more than thirty patents. Marman has written, lectured, and lead classes on the exploration of consciousness for more than forty years.
Thinker Since: Jul. 10, 2016
Forsdyke is an emeritus professor in the Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences at Queen's University, Kingston, Canada
Thinker Since: Mar. 31, 2016
MS in Theoretical Chemistry, PhD in Physics and Appl Math from Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Chem. Physics, Moscow, Nat.Center of Control Science, Moscow, The Royal Society London, Invited Professor, Norbert Wiener Prize, US Nat. Acad./NRC Senior Associate, US Air Force Research Lab
Thinker Since: Oct. 31, 2014
I have degrees in journalism and education. I have written book reviews and features for Baton Rouge newspaper, managed publications, directed statewide law ed. program for K-12, and written education materials (puppet shows, etc) for state Botanical Garden. I am married to an Entomology professor.
Thinker Since: May 31, 2013
Mr. Ganapathy Mani received MS in Computer Science from George Washington University. He is currently working as a researcher with George Washington University and Computing for Geospatial Research Institute.
Thinker Since: Mar. 11, 2013
CB Wilcox earned her PhD in molecular biology and biochemistry after many years as a high school chemistry and physics teacher. She lives in rural Pennsylvania, is married to a wonderful physician and is occupied with the duties and responsibilities of raising two children and avoiding housework.
Thinker Since: Feb. 28, 2013
Randall Mayes is a senior fellow with STATS at George Mason University. He is the author of The Cybernetics of Kenyan Running (2005) and Revolutions: Paving the Way for the Bioeconomy (2012).
Thinker Since: Mar. 26, 2012
Peter Haugen's books include "Was Napoleon Poisoned? And Other Unsolved Mysteries of Royal History," "World History for Dummies," and "Biology, Decade By Decade (Twentieth Century Science Series)." He is also a veteran newspaper journalist and critic.
Thinker Since: Mar. 14, 2012
George Eby discovered zinc lozenges as a cure for common colds, and first published about the matter in the January 1984 issue of Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy. He has written more medical journal articles about the subject than anyone else. His website is at
Thinker Since: Jan. 20, 2012
David is a journeyman scientist, salesman, poet and mathematician. Formally educated in Biology and Nutritional Sciences, Peleshok enjoys thinking and writing about maths, philosophy, physics and nature. He also researches fluid-dynamic interactions at atomical, biological and cosmological scales
Thinker Since: Jan. 28, 2012
Have BS in Mechanical Engineering, work as a bioinformatician.
Thinker Since: Jan. 4, 2012
Academic researcher and educator in neuroscience and behavior, human-other animal relationships, animal ethics at Emory University; Faculty Affiliate in Emory Center for Ethics; Founder and Executive Director of The Kimmela Center for Animal Advocacy, Inc.
Thinker Since: Jan. 26, 2011
Debra Durham is an ethologist, primatologist and anthropologist with a keen interest in ethics. Her work involves animal welfare assessment and care as well as national and international policy. Since completing her PhD at UC Davis, her work has focused on study sites in the US, EU and Africa.
Thinker Since: Oct. 4, 2010
Dorothy D. Chase received her Ph.D. at Brigham Young University. As a strong proponent of using technology to enhance education, she teaches hybrid Developmental Education classes at College of Southern Nevada.
Thinker Since: Aug. 10, 2010
Dr Mike Sutton is the author of 'Nullius in Verba: Darwin's greatest secret'.
Thinker Since: Jul. 13, 2010
Lecturer at Nottingham Trent University with an interest in stem cells and related pathologies. PhD in Oncogenesis from University of Paris VII.
Thinker Since: Jul. 9, 2010
Professor Brian Blais received his PhD in Physics from Brown University. He is currently an Associate Professor of Science and Technology at Bryant University and a research professor at the Institute for Brain and Neural Systems, Brown University.
Thinker Since: Jul. 1, 2010
Dr Jonathan Balcombe received his PhD in ethology (animal behavior) in 1991 from the University of Tennessee. He devotes his professional (and personal) life to animals. He is the author of four books, including Second Nature: The Inner Lives of Animals, and the forthcoming Exultant Ark.
Thinker Since: Jun. 12, 2010
Interested writing a book, I have published 3 books. My first press-printed book was Blind Chance or Intelligent Design? ( I can help you or do it for you if you want to write a fiction, non-fiction or autobio. You can write it, & I can edit it, proofread it, or I can write it for you.
Thinker Since: May 14, 2010
Dr Samira Lakhal-Littleton obtained a Bachelor degree in Human Genetics from University College London in 2004 before moving to Oxford University to complete a Doctorate in Clinical Medicine. Her research focuses on the metabolic changes associated with hyperplasia and metabolite sensing mechanisms.
Thinker Since: May 14, 2010
Nathan Pike trained as a biologist at the University of Sydney (B.Sc.[Hons], M.Sc.) and the University of Cambridge. (Ph.D.) Currently based in Oxford, he is interested in using insects as model systems to shed light on key issues in evolution, ecology, and animal behaviour.
Thinker Since: Apr. 30, 2010
Professor Ron Eccles is Director of the Common Cold Centre at Cardiff University, Wales UK
Thinker Since: Apr. 28, 2010
Dr Timos Papagatsias is currently a Senior Analyst at a global life sciences consulting firm. In the past he has worked as a Scientific Advisor for a privately owned company, identifying and evaluating investment opportunities, and as a researcher developing HIV vaccines at Imperial College London.
Thinker Since: Apr. 15, 2010
Dr Alan Rayner is a naturalist who uses art, poetry, fluid mathematics and careful science to enquire and communicate about the evolutionary diversity of our natural human neighbourhood. He was educated at King’s College, Cambridge and has been a Reader in Biology at the University of Bath.
Thinker Since: Apr. 16, 2010
I live in London, UK, but I was born in Athens, Greece. I finished my BSc undergraduate degree from Biological Sciences, Univ. of Patras, Greece. I subsequently gained a PhD degree in Molecular Approaches of Gene Therapy from Univ of London, UK. I am currently working on HIV vaccine development.
Thinker Since: Mar. 19, 2010
I am a museum technician at Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument. I have a bachelors in geology from Buffalo State College.
Thinker Since: Feb. 4, 2010
A typical member of society that is not typically satisfied with others assumptions so I have tried to look long and hard at the subjects and base my beleifs and/or knoweldge on facts.
Thinker Since: Jan. 26, 2010
Harvard University, U.S.A. (Clinical Trials) University of Cambridge, U.K. (Molecular Sciences and Clinical Biochemistry; Diabetes) University of Oxford, U.K.. (Stem cells and oncology) Brunel University, U.K. (Vitamin D and Medical Biochemistry)
Thinker Since: Dec. 23, 2009
I received my Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics from the University of Washington. I am a postdoctoral scholar at University of California, San Francisco, where my research is focused on pharmacogenomics of membrane transporters. I am passionately interested in translational medicine and neurochemistry.
Thinker Since: Dec. 21, 2009
Professor Sun got his PhD from St Andrew University and received postdoctoral training at Stanford Univ. He is currently a investigator of NIH funded lab. His lab 's main research interests are developmental neurobiology, and cerebral cortex and synaptic plasticity.
Thinker Since: Nov. 23, 2009
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