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Doug Marman: Technologist; Co-founder of a start-up on artificial intelligence; Chief Technology Officer of a $1.7B division of General Electric; Inventor with more than thirty patents. Marman has written, lectured, and lead classes on the exploration of consciousness for more than forty years.
Thinker Since: Jul. 10, 2016
Academic researcher and educator in neuroscience and behavior, human-other animal relationships, animal ethics at Emory University; Faculty Affiliate in Emory Center for Ethics; Founder and Executive Director of The Kimmela Center for Animal Advocacy, Inc.
Thinker Since: Jan. 26, 2011
Lecturer at Nottingham Trent University with an interest in stem cells and related pathologies. PhD in Oncogenesis from University of Paris VII.
Thinker Since: Jul. 9, 2010
Dr Jonathan Balcombe received his PhD in ethology (animal behavior) in 1991 from the University of Tennessee. He devotes his professional (and personal) life to animals. He is the author of four books, including Second Nature: The Inner Lives of Animals, and the forthcoming Exultant Ark.
Thinker Since: Jun. 12, 2010
Interested writing a book, I have published 3 books. My first press-printed book was Blind Chance or Intelligent Design? ( I can help you or do it for you if you want to write a fiction, non-fiction or autobio. You can write it, & I can edit it, proofread it, or I can write it for you.
Thinker Since: May 14, 2010
Dr Samira Lakhal-Littleton obtained a Bachelor degree in Human Genetics from University College London in 2004 before moving to Oxford University to complete a Doctorate in Clinical Medicine. Her research focuses on the metabolic changes associated with hyperplasia and metabolite sensing mechanisms.
Thinker Since: May 14, 2010
Nathan Pike trained as a biologist at the University of Sydney (B.Sc.[Hons], M.Sc.) and the University of Cambridge. (Ph.D.) Currently based in Oxford, he is interested in using insects as model systems to shed light on key issues in evolution, ecology, and animal behaviour.
Thinker Since: Apr. 30, 2010
Professor Sun got his PhD from St Andrew University and received postdoctoral training at Stanford Univ. He is currently a investigator of NIH funded lab. His lab 's main research interests are developmental neurobiology, and cerebral cortex and synaptic plasticity.
Thinker Since: Nov. 23, 2009
Chelsea Conover received a masters degree in Energy and the Environment from Duke University. She now works at NC State University as an Energy Crops Specialist studying economic feasibility of biodiesel from canola.
Thinker Since: Sep. 16, 2009
Max DuBuisson is the Business Development Manager for the Climate Action Reserve in Los Angeles, CA. He received a Masters of Environmental Science and Management from UCSB and a BS in Biology from Davidson College.
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