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Since WordPress has a robust application programming interface (API), we have special WordPress Plugins and Widgets that enable seemless cross-posting and content syndication between your blog and BestThinking.com.


One of the best ways to ensure the success of your blog is to quickly raise your visibility. On BestThinking.com, your visibility is not increased by SEO trickery. Your visibility is raised by presenting your work on a trusted platform along side the best work of other accomplished writers. These include New York Times bestsellers, Pulitzer Prize winners, National Science Foundation grant recipients, etc. Your work can indeed be judged by the company you keep... and in this case, that's a good thing.

First, keep your own blog and generally keep doing everything you are doing on your own. This will continue to be effective when people search for you by your name. But a real benefit delivered by BestThinking, one that can make all the difference, is getting you to the top of the search results for searches by topic or generic terms.

For example, because of your blogging you may already be found easily when using specific search terms such as "Jane Doe Novelist NYC." But BestThinking can help put you at the top of the search results when using topical and generic search terms, such as "Woman Mystery Writers NYC."

An ongoing presence on BestThinking by cross-posting also increases visibility through a unique combination of a highly effective blogging platform, article publishing, a speakers bureau and participating in content syndication.

You can get started or learn more about the benefits of incorporating BestThinking into your strategies for a very successful blog by reviewing About Us for Writers.


For all kinds of online publishers, such as bloggers, corporate websites, associations and online newsletters, we provide unprecedented access to some of the best and most relevant content available anywhere today.

As an online publisher, you know how important it is to have fresh, relevant content on your site every day. Successful bloggers know that as good as their writing is, and as prolific as they are, keeping their readers coming back every day requires supplementing their blog with high quality relevant articles and/or guest bloggers. This can be challenging, expensive and put you at risk for infringement claims and loss of audience to guest bloggers.

Along with easy access to great content, we are introducing a new pricing and distribution model that makes quality content irresistibly affordable. We are making this content available to individual bloggers under a new cost-per-view (CPV) model where each item you choose for your blog will typically cost only a few dollars... with no subscriptions or commitments. CPV means you only pay when the complete blog or article is read by your readers.

This is not screen-scraped partial blogs and articles with link-backs to the complete blog or article. This is the complete content, often with photos, legally licensed through syndication just like it is done by major media outlets. It's a good thing we don't require link-backs because lots of content link-backs can lower your overall website ranking with search engines.

There are no required link-backs because our content does not depend on copyright fair use. Also, there are no "gray hat SEO" or "duplicate content penalty" issues because the content you get from us is the complete fully-licensed content (see Google's duplicate content policy).

To get started or for more information about syndicating content to your blog, review About Us for Publishers.

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