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For all kinds of online publishers, such as bloggers, corporate websites, associations and online newsletters, we provide unprecedented access to some of the best and most relevant content available anywhere today.

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As an online publisher, you know how important it is to have fresh, relevant content on your site every day. This can be challenging, expensive, and put you at risk for infringement claims. Along with easy access to great content, we are introducing a new pricing and distribution model that makes quality content irresistibly affordable.

Some ask, “Why pay even a nominal fee for syndicated content when you can get free content by screen scraping?” Well, free content isn’t so free. It requires a lot of work to locate, curate, verify the source, etc. Also, Copyright Fair Use prevents you from using the whole article and requires a link back to the original source, causing you to lose the visitors that were costly to get to your website in the first place. In many cases, our feature article quality content will cost you less than a few dollars per blog or article, making the cost to you considerably less than the true cost of "free."

Rather than an expensive subscription or a flat rate per piece of content, we offer a CPV (cost per view) pricing model. You only pay for content that is read by your readers. If no one reads it, you pay nothing. Yet you have the content available to attract readers. And here is the best part, to make sure our pricing is always competitive with content markets and in-house production costs, we cap the costs based on content markets for any charges based on CPV. Once the cap is reached by the CPV method, the publisher stops getting billed for that content item. The system is designed to deliver the best value for content by always paying less than buying content one piece at a time or creating it in-house. 

Our syndication system can make content curation and delivery virtually automatic or you can select each item. As a publisher, you should look at as your content catalog. You can specify in advance the subject matter, author, and article metrics, such as word and image count. So it's not only less expensive, it is also less work for you.


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Want to syndicate your own content on BestThinking? As a Thinker, you can build your online reputation and monetize your expertise by allowing your Blogs and/or Articles to be licensed by other online publishers.  For items syndicated, BestThinking will retain 30% of the syndication fee received.

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