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Want to maximize your BestThinking experience? Looking to enhance your Thinker page and capabilities? We offer a range of premium services to do just that.

Storage & Bandwidth

The amount of storage and bandwidth all Thinkers receive free of charge works great for most Thinkers. However, if you are a heavy digital-media user and will be uploading lots of graphics, videos and PDFs, you can easily purchase additional storage and bandwidth.

BestThinking provides all Thinkers with 500 MB of file storage and 1 GB of bandwidth at no cost. This gives you storage for about 500 personal articles, graphics and PDFs, and the capacity for about 10 minutes of video.

Maximize your storage and bandwidth with our Standard and Premium package upgrades.

Basic 500 MB of file storage and 1 GB of bandwidth Free
Standard 2 GB of file storage and 5 GB of bandwidth $5 per month / $50 per year
Premium 5 GB of file storage and 10 GB of bandwidth $10 per month / $100 per year

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What is a Thinker? Quite simply it is a term we use to describe our contributors. Smart, creative, talented and thoughtful people who create works to share are known as authors, writers, journalists, artists, poets, playwrights, videographers, engineers, scientists, teachers, doctors, musicians, athletes and so on. We welcome them all at BestThinking, so we needed a way to refer to everyone. Further, it was not our objective to be just another encyclopedia of facts. We focus on the issues that can only be engaged in terms of the current best thinking on the issue. So it made sense to refer to the people sharing their best thinking to be referred to as Thinkers.

Thinkers on BestThinking share their work in four formats: Blogs, Articles, Topics and Ebooks. Each of these formats provides a different level of effort, expression, viability and monetization.


Blogs are the most personal and informal format for sharing best thinking. Generally, Blogs on BestThinking are frequent, short, have a single writer’s perspective, and are mostly comprised of commentary, opinion, and personal insights on subjects of special and ongoing interest of the Thinker.  Blogs are given more leeway on expressing opinions and personal views, but still must not confuse opinion and fact. Blogs on BestThinking are expected to be valuable content by knowledgeable sources.

Blogs can be automatically posted to BestThinking from your current blog through a WordPress plugin. They can also be imported or posted directly from email. Blogs provide the first level of search engine visibility and can be monetized through BestThinking syndication.


Articles are a formal format for sharing best thinking, where a bright line is drawn between opinion and fact, and facts are fully sourced and referenced as with professional and scientific journal articles. Opinions are allowed when clearly identified as such, and meet the rules for feature article (long) journalism. Articles are less frequent than Blogs are of longer length, may have multiple writer perspectives, and are mostly comprised of research, facts, and well-developed theories on subjects where the Thinker has an established expertise. Articles can also be a productive intermediary between popular content and academic publishing.

Articles can be imported from Word, PDFs, Wikis or created directly in BestThinking.  Articles provide a higher level of search engine visibility than Blogs, but less than Topics and Ebooks. Articles can be monetized through BestThinking syndication.


Topics are a special BestThinking format that is most like traditional journalism, but with important differences. While not intended for short-lived breaking news, Topics are based on current events that are “trending” and likely to have enduring interest. Topics are typically long lived and frequently updated. Topics have a core piece written by a Thinker who has a special and ongoing interest in the Topic, but also includes the best of other articles on the Topic from around the web, including alternative views. Topics understand that writers can have difficulty being an objective voice for alternative views, especially since the Thinker has developed an expertise in the Topic. In Topics, the alternative views are presented by links to the actual work by the proponents of the alternative views.

The BestThinking Topics tool makes it easy to search, review, and summarize articles related to the Topic from around them web. Topics are the most read, most featured, and they provide a higher level of search engine visibility than Blogs and Articles, but less than Ebooks. The main benefit for writers creating Topics is visibility as they cannot yet be directly monetized through BestThinking syndication until the format catches on.


Ebooks are digital files formatted like traditional printed books designed to be read on special readers, such as Kindle, Nook, iPad/iPhone and other smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. BestThinking ebooks are produced in Mobi (Kindle) and ePub (everyone else) formats. Ebooks generally represent the longest, most formal and comprehensive work of the Thinker. Our ebook publishing model is a hybrid of the best of traditional publishing and the best of digital. Thinkers cannot pay to publish on BestThinking. We like to say, we don't take money from writers, we make money for writers. We only publish ebooks we believe in and pay all the production and distribution costs. We provide the writer full copyediting, technical, distribution and marketing support to make sure ebooks we publish have quality content, are well written, and technically well produced... and we do it quickly with most books produced and in distribution within a few weeks of being submitted by the writer.

Ebooks we publish are available in the major distribution channels, such as Apple, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble, as well as our own channel, the ThinkerBooks Store. BestThinking supports reading sample chapters, places ebooks directly in the main stream of the BestThinking's content, and  prominently features ebooks. Ebooks provide the highest search engine visibility and have the most effective monetization through direct sales in distribution.

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