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Create a private version of BestThinking for your university, open-access journal, company or non-profit organization. This organizational version of BestThinking will be tailored to meet your unique needs and create a collaborative environment ideal for fostering discussion and sharing Content. All the information on your organizational version can be as public or private as you wish. Cross publish your Content to or retain it on your private site.

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Create a private version of BestThinking customized the meet the unique needs of your organization. BestThinking's collaborative tools, accessible user interface and powerful features allow you to maximize your efforts, collaborate more fully and share Content.

Create a Private Version to Shut Down Permanently on December 31, 2017

If you want to save a copy of your content, you must do so before the website shuts down on December 31, 2017. We will NOT be able to provide any assistance after the website shuts down. We are available at only until the shutdown to provide more information and assistance.

It was a noble 10-year experiment, but it turns out that the writers with the best content are the least adept at the tech required to publish under our model, which in hindsight, makes perfect sense. If you are dedicating your life to becoming an expert in your specialty, you don’t have a lot of time left for figuring out publishing tech.

It hasn't helped that we have entered an age of unprecedented polarization and antagonism which doesn't foster demand for a website dedicated to the respectful engagement of diverse views.

Thank you, everyone!

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