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BestThinking does not rely on 3rd party advertising networks used by other new media websites that tend to create low quality "search-bait" content. Instead, our combination of highly selective, individually vetted Banner Ads and Thinker Ads allow us to maintain a high quality, non-intrusive atmosphere on the website.

Banner Ads are available in two sizes (300 x 250 and 300 x 125) and are available for purchase in accordance with our Advertising Policy. Thinker Ads are a way for BestThinking users to monetize their content and services since our Participation Policy prohibits direct commercialism in Topics, Articles, Blogs and Thinker pages. 

Use the tabs below to learn more about Banner and Thinker Ads.

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BestThinking allows respectful, high quality advertising through individually vetted Banner Ads. Since our website brings together people who embrace commercialism, and those who do not, our approach to advertising is a bit different.

Instead of allowing unfiltered advertisements through ad networks where we cannot verify the quality or relevance of the ads, we instead allow individual Banner Ad submissions.

All Banner Ads submitted to BestThinking will be personally evaluated by us based on relevance and adherence to our Advertising Policy. Properly crafted ads should reflect the quality of the site and be viewed as part of BestThinking's valuable content.

We place ads immediately adjacent to and to the right of landing pages, search results, content lists, Topics, Articles, Blogs and Thinker pages, as well as on website administrative pages.

If you have questions or would like to submit a Banner Ad, contact:

Bob Butler
(919) 447-5505

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