Help System

BestThinking uses a “What’s This?” popup help system throughout the site to provide additional help in understanding and using features. BestThinking also provides a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to provide answers for the most commonly occurring questions. You can also submit a question through our Contact Support system.

Our site gives you more information about important functions. Popup messages provide extra information within your current context, meaning you only need to come here for the big stuff.

1. Rest your cursor over an area. If there is a "What's This?" present, it will react.
2. "What's This?" will appear after a second or two.
3. Clicking on "What's This?" will pop up the contextual help. This help popup will now stay open until you close (or trigger another "What's This?").

"What's This?" is programmed for all copyright indications, ratings, and Thinker role attributions.
4. Hover over the text link below to see a "What's This?" in action.

Hold Cursor Here

Click on "What's This?"
when it appears.
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