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The mood of the ‘60s was expressed by shocking mantras like “make love, not war.” Concurrently, there was a resurgenc...
Created: May 25, 2017
Created: Dec. 7, 2015
6th in a series of "No Shame" articles from my first-hand experience being homeless and how it changed the way I look...
Created: Jun. 21, 2014
Reflections on the reasons why our society ignores the implications of unsustainable human reproduction.
Created: Nov. 26, 2013
Children need us to manage their experiences interacting with media. Parents need basic ideas to guide them.
Created: Sep. 21, 2013
A third (and rising) of all deaths in America come from medical errors, while mental illness is the most expensive of...
Created: Sep. 21, 2013
Retired after 65 years is the universally believed academic knowledge that Robert K. Merton (one of the most the emi...
Created: Jan. 21, 2013
For roughly half a century, the fate of TV shows has been determined by Nielsen ratings: arcane numbers that determin...
Created: Jun. 22, 2012
Created: Mar. 16, 2012
A stragtegic solution for companies building a sustainable health plan.
Created: Feb. 23, 2012
The article deals with the coarctation to which many individuals are subject that hinders their social and economic d...
Created: Aug. 17, 2011
Socratean dialogue and psychodynamic psychotherapy are cognate processes meant to draw out insights that answer quest...
Created: Dec. 23, 2010
An open system such as a market — that is continuously and continually dynamic due to the individual influence and co...
Created: Aug. 27, 2010
This article examines the shattering implications of Japan's prolonged recession and stagnant economy for its young p...
Created: Aug. 10, 2010
We may be far from truth when we say, “I have full control over my actions". Not all actions are results of our consc...
Created: Jul. 3, 2010
Lack of competition make things smaller, and allows others to overpower them
Created: Feb. 11, 2010
What was once a “sales process” has become much more of a buying process and the buyer is much more in control of thi...
Created: Feb. 4, 2010
Merle E Ackeret
Motivating People for Altruistic and/or Selfish Gain
Created: Feb. 4, 2010
Is the Print Magazine dead? A rapidly expanding market division suggests otherwise.
Created: Jan. 7, 2010
Evolution happens everywhere, all the time, with or without DNA. I discuss some basic principles of how this happens ...
Created: Nov. 1, 2009
Our data suggest that brothers and sisters are more likely to experience equal educational and occupational attainmen...
Created: Oct. 23, 2009
Evidence on the Influence of Congressional Voting Patterns on PAC Contributions from Exogenous Variation in the Sex M...
Created: Oct. 22, 2009
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