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Dr. Lawrence Hogan is Senior Professor of History at New Jersey's Union County College. He has taught, researched, written about, published,

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Babe Ruth Was A Negro Leaguer!?

As one reads through the press that chronicled the record of Negro professional baseball in Babe Ruth’s time, it is an easy thing to find a considerable Ruthian presence both on the black field of play and in the consciousness of those who wrote about and read about the Negro professional game.

Tiger Was Not the First

The history books of golf hold many memories of successful African American players. Tiger Woods may be the most well known African American player today, but he was most definitely not the first.

The Forgotten History of African American Baseball: Slavery Times, Jim Crow, Negro Leagues

The Forgotten History of African American Baseball gives readers the chance to experience the unique character and personalities of the African American game of baseball in the United States, starting from the time of slavery, through the Negro Leagues and integration period, and beyond.

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