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Richard B. Cathcart
Richard B. Cathcart is a geographer specializing in macro-engineering and founder of the GEOGRAPHOS consulting group. He recently published

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Ecological Echo-Chamber: Sci-Fi Macro-Imagineering

How Modern Sci-Fi layed the foundation for future Macro-Engineering by Macro-Imagineering

Macro-Imagineering a “Fifth Coast” USA: Salton Sea Megaport and Seawater Canal

Seawater can be a beneficent liquid, sometimes tranquil, soft and tractable, but sometimes, it causes peril for humans, as well as economic losses. Not insignificantly, the San Andreas fault parallels the easternmost edge of the existing Salton Sea.

Impasse at Vicksburg, Mississippi?

“Atmospheric Rivers” are a lately recognized global geographical feature that could drastically impact the wild and cultured thinking creatures dependent on the flow of the Mississippi River and the entire Gulf Coast.

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