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Bryan C Frink
Zacharias O'Bryan (nom-de-plume) has woven tall tales for years. His 1-act play "Toys" was produced by Eric Christmas at the UCSD Theatre. E

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Lili Marleen — New English Translation

Zacharias O'Bryan's new translation of the most popular soldiering song of all time. Young, wistful and sad, the song expresses a longing for peace.

Author Interview: Zacharias O'Bryan

(Re-Posted Interview, Compliments of James W Shortland.) Any writer who achieves even modest distribution is queried by his/her readers about the writing process. James Shortland, the Editor in Chief of two exquisite fantasy blogs in the UK— Fantasy in Motion (personal blog) and Fantasy...

An Author Walks into a Bar...

“An Author Walks into a Bar…” Copyright © 2013 by Zacharias O’Bryan (1) Charles Dickens walks into a bar. “I’m stuck. I’ve got no title for my next novel,” he says, “so you’d better pour me a martini.” The barkeeper inquires, “Olive or twist?” (2) Harper Lee walks into a bar and orders a...

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