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Robert Wisehart
Robert Wisehart is a native of Indianapolis, Indiana. After many years as an award-winning newspaper, radio and television journalist, Wise

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You Write What?

Among other things, I write historical fiction. You shouldn't hold that against me, although some do. Well, perhaps hold it against me is too strong. Who cares probably is the best way to describe the sometime reaction. Thus far, I have written novels in two areas; historical fiction and detective...

History: Hollywood's Hip New Trend

History, proclaimed an old college professor of mine, is just one damned thing after another. Judging by the current landscape of popular culture, history is pretty cool, too. At least for the time being. Think about it. With the popularity of "Lincoln," "Downton Abbey," "Argo," "Django...

One Man's Notable Deaths

This is the time of year when news organizations look back on what they usually call the "notable" deaths of the year. Leaving aside the notion that every death is notable to somebody, we know what is meant by that, don't we? We're talking celebrity; movers and shakers, TV and movie stars,...

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