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Dorothy Jane Mills
Dorothy Jane Mills is an author, editor, consultant & speaker who has written numerous sports history, historical fiction & children's books

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Girl Dropouts

A lot of girls say baseball is their favorite sport. They love playing it. If so, why do girls drop out of baseball? The answer comes from Justine Siegal, a pioneer baseball player who now directs a nonprofit organization called "Baseball for All," which makes opportunities for girls as players,...

Women and Catalogs

Blog: August 11, 2012 A lot of catalogs arrive in my mailbox every day. That's because I buy a lot of things through catalogs, or online, since I'm not as mobile as I once was. In looking through the catalogs I received today, I realized that something was bothering me about the models,...

Miss Representation

One reason women are greatly underrepresented in power positions like those in the national government is the media's depiction of them as powerless. Young women do not aspire to high government positions when they fail to see frequent role models. They perceive leadership as masculine. "The most...

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