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Maureen Schlukbier was born and educated outside of Toronto. She studied communications in college and worked as a writer/producer in televi

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Katie Couric Will be Back in September

Good Friday and Good Morning America clearly can’t top the news from 2000 years ago but it certainly is a good platform for Katie Couric’s afternoon talk show scheduled for September. 10 th 2012. The humor and good will of early this week continued today especially with Ali Wentworth the pop host...

Good Morning

Good Morning America! You’ve been my quest for excellence this week, but I woke up with a cat in my hair at four o’clock in the morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. I watched a Norwegian film called “Happy, happy” a dark comedy about relationships, but was even more fascinated by the bluegrass...

Sweet Katie Couric

Today’s GMA show began as a proliferation of puns but ended up with an interesting and insightful interview with Robert Lustig and the subject of “Taking on sugar.” This topic is a sleeping giant that should wake up the American family to a monster that’s invading our households. We know our...

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